400x40000bb 400x40000bbThe Little Gym has 2 musical collections available on both iOS and Android platforms. 20 Sing-Along Fun Songs and 20 Move-Along Fun Songs are a fantastic way to build up listening and motor skills. All the songs are filled with action or dancing moves that help coordinate kids sensory and movement systems in prep for more demanding tasks that lie ahead in school. For example: staying in line, following verbal directions from the teacher, looking at the whiteboard and then copying something on paper at your desk all require smooth coordinated movements that are integrated through practice. These groups of songs not only enrich vocabulary but also help set in motion the need for action – and most importantly grading that action. Often times in school and in later life it is hard to get started on a demanding task…what to do…what to do? Grading action requires just the right force – like shooting a basket, and many kids struggle with using just the right amount of force. They are either too rough or don’t use enough force to get the job done. Early experiences lay down pathways to expand action and give us all a boost of “Yes you can do it!” These early success experiences in a sense, grease the path for future experimentation and exploration.

FullSizeRender 5The 20 Sing-Along Songs and 20 Move-Along Songs can be used for actively mobile kids and adapted for kids with motor difficulties, depending on the chosen selection. It is great to have a variety of subjects to choose from as different songs may fit better into that week’s curricular focus. It also changes up the motor demands to promote mental flexibility in making decisions concerning possible actions. Using props would only add to the fun. It’s also very convenient to pull out your phone and pair Bluebee when you see child needing a short sensory break. By listening to Bluebee give directions, it takes the stress off being perfect. AND it’s always more fun to get down and get silly with a friend.

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