The Very Cranky Bear by We Are Wheelbarrow PTY Ltd is based on the fabulous and favorite book by Nick Bland. Illustrations in the app are true to the book with added animation features that add to the story’s appeal rather than distract from the moral of the story. The moral of the story is a lesson in mindfulness, and that by being quiet inside we may see what other’s truly need. The book has superb narration and is well paced for early learners. The language is a perfect blend of rhythm and all out fun. As this is a favorite book by preschoolers far and wide, its retelling will have kids shouting out the lines in unison! Some of the outstanding features that pairs this book with Bluebee Pals so well is that parents, teachers, or the kids themselves can record their own voice reading it or have Bluebee read the book. If you are lucky enough to have a Bluebee Sheep, Lion, Zebra, or Bear…it doubles the fun by seeing them “star” in the book as it’s read.

Inside The Very Cranky Bear

For you see when four friends were out on a rainy day, they just needed a place to play. But whoops that cave that was to be a secret and cozy hideaway had one very cranky bear. He roared and growled until they ran away.  Poor Moose, Lion, Zebra, and the very plain Sheep decided together that this bear just needed cheering up – and that maybe, just maybe he’d let them play. There are quite a few outrageous ideas from the quartet as to what cheering up actually consists of, but then the very mild and meek friend Sheep took a look as to what bear needed and came to save the day. I love this story in both book and app form, and would highly recommend it as it speaks to lessons learned across generations as to the true meaning of friendship and the care we give to each other. Available on iOS and Google Play. The book is available at Booksellers Everywhere.

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