Music streaming devices with  Bluebee Pals!th


There are many to choose from: iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, and Spotify. If you currently have any of these, they are well worth a closer look if your child loves music. For the sake of brevity, I will use Spotify to showcase its use with Bluebee. There are three versions, a premium, a limited (free version for tablets and desktops) and a free version for mobile devices. There are different features for each device and also for different plans – but your account can fully function with your Bluebee no matter what device or plan you are using – as the Bluebee uses Bluetooth Technology to function. I ran Spotify on an ancient iPod touch, an iPad, laptop, and my phone; and they all worked well. With the free mobile version, you can create and hear playlists from artists and albums: but playback is only in a shuffle mode. On a tablet or desktop, you can listen to any song on demand. Premium is the only service with no ads and that you can download music and listen to a playlist offline.

  • On opening Spotify there is a “Browse” mode which allows for exploration and discovery of different genres and music. It was nice to be exposed to music I normally wouldn’t choose.
  • Search” helps you to find any song, artist, or playlists from others, …especially if you need a certain song on the spot. I remember when my kids were young and traveling, I could have averted a major meltdown, if only I had Barney the purple dinosaur available for a little songfest. Tapping on an Artist’s page gives you access to their full catalog. To play a specific song, you will need WIFI or the premium service to download the music without WIFI.
  • Playlists” are easy to make on the fly, and can be valuable timesavers when used for introducing new routines, i.e. a sleepytime playlist, an exercise playlist, or playlists to help set the rhythm for a specific function.
  • The “Radio” features selected artists or genres.


Using Bluebee with a music service keeps things neat and tidy, without carrying around excess items. As tastes come and go with little ones, it’s nice to have the option of change to their musical tastes of the moment at your fingertips. Having a songfest, not only teaches kids language, but also the beauty of words and rhythm. Self-Regulation is an outcome of belting out a tune or two while dancing. In upcoming posts, we will show you how to work on memory and anticipatory responses using music – both a critical prerequisite to sequencing and learning about spatial relationships. Here’s a picture of our Lion, “Hocksworth” having himself a little sing about…now can anyone resist that? Be sure to check what is available with your device, and give it a try – to see if a music service fits your family or classroom….https://bluebeepals.com/store/







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