unknownTake a virtual trip to Paris with Suzette, the crepe maker with this language rich story app that includes a children’s book, videos, photos of Paris and an interactive map with the unique opportunity to explore target words in different languages. Five other languages can narrated with app including Spanish, Italian, German and Japanese. When playing the app, Suzette (the Parisian crêpe maker and street cart vendor) takes her cart through the streets of Paris and makes delicious crêpes along the way. She meets a postman who orders a strawberry crêpe, children who request chocolate crêpes and the shopper who likes crêpes sprinkled with sugar. On each page, there is the ability to activate each character on the page who all speak the key word in different voices. This app can not only teach your child new words, but you can learn some fun facts as well! Connect your Bluebee Pal Pro, to help make this app experience even more interactive.


Bluebee Pal connecting to Languages!
1. Connect your Bluebee Pal Pro. On the main page, choose “Read to Me”. As the book begins, Bluebee Pal will read to the book to your child. Encourage your child to activate the key word on each page via activating the actual word or selecting the main characters on each page. This can help improves a child ability to improve their visual awareness and improve overall literacy skills by finding the keyword. This can also be a good opportunity to follow directives (e.g. find “Suzette”, etc).
2. Check out the different features of this app, by navigating to the interactive map and choosing an area on the map. Once activated, the appropriate story page will appear. Allow your Bluebee Pal to expose your child to new vocabulary by selecting the “vocabulary” button. This will give your child the opportunity to hear the word in six different languages. For example, when I chose number 12, the keyword is “Merci beaucoup”. When I activated the vocabulary button, I learned that it meant “Thank you very much” in English. By activating the other languages, your Bluebee Pal can speak that word in six different languages.
3. Do you want to help expand your child’s language? Check out these suggested language goals that I suggested in my blog post here 


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