Autism & PDD Picture Stories & Language Activities are speech and language therapy materials that are available in book, online and app formats. This app features the likable characters from the series, Matt and Molly. This series of books are designed for educators that work with children with special needs. These apps are also ideal to be used in the home with caregivers to help facilitate speech and language goals. Each lesson teaches children with varying disabilities appropriate behaviors for when they’re out in the community.

LinguiSystems offers selected stories as Lite versions so that you can try the activity before buying the app for $19.99. There are three lite stories available by LinguiSystems.


Matt Goes to the Doctor (the story available under the category “Social Skills in the Community” is a short story about Matt visiting the doctor). You have the option of choosing “wh” questions, yes/no questions and text match as a follow up activities to the story. Once you listen to the stories, the follow up activities are there to help work on specific speech and language goals.

  1. Download one of the Lite apps to try a story! Once Bluebee Pal Pro is attached, the story Matt Goes to the Doctor can be told by the child’s lovable friend! There are four parts to the story and the directions are read slowly and clearly. Each page describes the events in the story and shows the emotions of both the boy and the doctor. Matt engages in relaxation exercise to get him through the doctor visit and the doctor is proud of Matt for relaxing and following directions.
  2. Going to the doctor can be a stressful event. With BlueBee Pal Pro connected, the child can feel comforted in hearing the story from their furry friend. It adds another dimension to the activity and can help a child become more engaged in the story.
  3. With Bluebee asking the questions in the follow up activities, there can be increased engagement and interaction with the child and other participant. At times, answering questions can be monotonous and passive but with Bluebee participating in the activity, this book can be a fun and interactive classroom, therapy or home activity!

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