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 Bluebee TeeVee−the Autism Information Station

Bluebee TeeVee, Autism Information Station a seven webisode series where kids learn all about autism—in a friendly, clinically correct and respectful manner with humor and pop culture references thrown in for fun. An innovative series that helps children see past differences, learn acceptance and understanding, and discover that we’re all pretty much the same at heart.

The show’s host, James Sullivan is also the script writer, filmmaker, and editor. Jonathan Murphy performs the character voices for the Bluebee Pal co-hosts. Both of these talented young men are on the autism spectrum.

Each 5 minute episode features James Sullivan, having a friendly chat with a Bluebee Pal−Sammy the bear, Leo the lion, Lily the lamb, Winston the dog, or Riley the zebra−to help children have a deeper understanding and connection to those with autism. We believe that Bluebee TeeVee is  a great way to captivate kids’ attention and learn that−autism or not−they’re not so different from one another.


Samples of BluebeeTeeVee Webisodes


What is autism anyway? In Episode 1 of Bluebee TeeVee, host James Sullivan and his Bluebee Pal, Leo, have a chat about what autism is and what it means to be someone on the autism spectrum. “It’s a world of abilities…and possibilities,” says Leo…and we couldn’t agree more!What are people with autism like?



 In Episode 2 of Bluebee TeeVee, host James Sullivan tells his Bluebee Pal, Lily, “We’re just like everyone else in so many ways but there are some interesting differences.” Lily learns a whole new view and understanding of people with autism. She thinks “they’re awesome!” Yep, she’s got that rightLet’s talk!



In Episode 3 of Bluebee TeeVee, host James Sullivan talks to his Bluebee Pal, Riley, about about the many ways autistic people communicate. You see some people with autism can’t speak but they can still be heard and understood using picture boards or communication tools, like apps on tablets. The fancy word for this type of talking is augmentative and alternative communication or AAC for short. “Far out!” says Riley, and she’s even more surprised when she finds out that she’s a communication tool too!


These educational webisodes are available for free! They can be viewed on the Bluebee TeeVee Autism Information Station YouTube channel or you may download the webisodes for offline use.

Please read more details about Bluebee TeeVee and the show makers, James Sullivan and Jonathan Murphy. We ask you to spread the word about Bluebee TeeVee Autism Information Station – let’s empower kids on the autism spectrum and educate their peers! Click here for  images, and links you can share.

Bluebee TeeVee Autism Information Station is autism education presented by:
















Bluebee Pals Dazzle  The Down Syndrome Association

The Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida is an accredited and award-winning not-for-profit association founded in 1991 by parents of children with Down syndrome. It has grown from a few families to over 1,200 individuals with DS and their families. They serve families in an area of over 10 counties with help from more than 17,000 friends, professionals, volunteers and other supporters. Governed by a volunteer board of directors, more than 50% of the board members have family members with Down syndrome.

Bluebee Pals and The Down Syndrome Association

Bluebee Pals have arrived at DSACF! These huggable plush learning companions can be combined with a wide range of online digital content that provides children with a great source of entertainment while assisting in education and helping to develop communication skills. These “talking tech buddies” encourage communication, language use, attentiveness, sensory processing, and positive behaviors. They add just the right touch of warmth and humanity to motivate children. The Bluebee Pals are located in the DSACF Lending Library for FREE for our members at the Success Center.

What exactly does it mean to be mindful? Mindfulness is simply paying attention to the present moment and allowing all thoughts and feelings to occur without necessarily taking action. “Stop Breathe Think with Sesame Street”, “Super Stretch Yoga”, and “Mindfulness for Children” are a few apps that Bluebee loves for beginning lessons in mindfulness. Children do not always need to sit or be still to practice mindfulness! They can practice relaxation by holding Bluebee Pals.

Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Bluebee Pals can easily be incorporated to build essential life skills. The Bluebee Pals can be paired with story books and educational apps, which makes the learning process fun and more meaningful. The most important life skills to learn are focus and self-control, perspective taking, communication, making connections, critical thinking, taking on challenges, and self-directed, engaged learning

   Speech Therapy with Bluebee



“Sabi has been using Bluebee for 2 weeks now, when she first saw him (Monkey) she was very surprised and excited and immediately felt in love with of him. We introduced Monkey first with her favorites songs since she love to sing and dance, now we work with Monkey on her Speech Therapy sessions, we use few apps to work different things like vocabulary for example, but especially to follow instructions, which is something that its very difficult for her, she has been very compliance and we have been able to work a little more than she usually allow us.” – Ory, Sabrina’s mom


Playonwords LLC Announces Top 10 PAL Award Picks

Playonwords LLC Announces Top 10 PAL (Play Advances Language) Award Picks 2019, Holiday Gift Guide: Top Toys, Games, Books and Media That Spark Fun and Encourage Language


Respected speech-language expert Sherry Artemenko announces her Top 10 PAL product lists by category representing the only industry recognition promoting language development through great play. Parents and educators alike value Sherry’s nearly four decades of experience and benefit daily from her popular blog,, consulting practice, media appearances and articles.


Regular interaction with children guides Playonwords founder, Sherry Artemenko, to a unique set of the best toys, games, books and media that have the chemistry to develop language while delivering great play. Today, Playonwords is announcing its annual “Top 10 PAL Picks for 2019” by age and product category. Our Top 10’s take the guesswork out of giving great holiday gifts. Parents and grandparents use our lists to shop for smart toys with lasting play value.

Winners are assessed and reviewed by Sherry with input from parents, kids and educators. Observing kid’s play in action, combined with her critical eye for language potential, Sherry awards products and writes insightful reviews offering practical tips on how to maximize the educational value in each winner catalogued on

Language catalyzing PAL winning toys and games are powerful additions to a child’s tool box, since children learn through play, and language is integral to learning! Our 2019 Top 10’s include a number of great winners that inspire imagination and story-telling with engaging props, from Schleich’s “Adventure Treehouse” to Hape’s “Cook ’n Serve Kitchen” and VTech’s “Treasure Seekers Pirate Ship.” Promoting children’s literacy skills is a strong theme throughout this years’ winners, often combined with STEM skills as children build and learn letters and corresponding sounds with “LeapBuilders ABC Smart House” by LeapFrog and re-tell Jack and the Beanstalk while manipulating Geomagworld’s “Magicubes” and illustrated story clips. The toy industry continues to value new games to build EQ (emotional quotient including social language skills) with exciting tools like “Guess It. Get It. Gumballs” by Peaceable Kingdom, a MindWare Brand and picture sequenced stories in SPARK Jr. Sequencing Cards.

Sherry’s expertise has been tapped by NBC Connecticut TV, FOX TV News 6 Milwaukee, Parents Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle,,, ASHAsphere (official blog of the American Speech Language Hearing Association), and ASHA LEADER magazine.

For Sherry, great play is not just about fun, or language development, it’s about going deep in both. Her expertise has been built on science and more than 17,000 hours of client experience. Each set of Top 10’s represents a breadth of themes and genres, but they all have one thing in common – they are trusted lists of fun products that boost learning through play.


Here are 2019’s Top 10 PAL Picks – See her reviews at



  • Brio My First Farm    
  • Hape Double Fun Fishing Set    
  • Jet Duck Family (Pirate, Mermaid, Firefighter) by Yookidoo     
  • Latches & Doors Busy Board by VTech    
  • Mighty Mini Band by Hape    
  • Mix & Match-a-Saurus by VTech     
  • My First Shaped Puzzles–Pet Friends by The Learning Journey    
  • My Peek-a-Boo LapPup (Scout or Violet) by LeapFrog    
  • Oribel VertiPlay Tree Top Adventure    
  • Under Sea Figure 8 Railway by Hape    


  • Adventure Treehouse by Schleich
  • Dinosaur Island by Bigjigs Toys Ltd
  • Hape Cook ‘n Serve Kitchen
  • Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set by Spin Master
  • King George’s Castle by Bigjigs Toys Ltd
  • PAW Patrol Mighty Jet Command Center by Spin Master
  • Pop Up Shop by Hape
  • SMARTMAX My First Dinosaurs
  • Smart Sizzlin’ BBQ Grill by LeapFrog
  • Treasure Seekers Pirate Ship by VTech


  • Baa Baa Bubbles by Spin Master
  • Button, Button, Belly Button by Peaceable Kingdom – A MindWare Brand
  • Friends of a Feather by Ravensburger
  • Guess It, Get It, Gumballs by Peaceable Kingdom – A MindWare Brand
  • Heads Talk Tails Walk by Ravensburger
  • Lily Pond by SimplyFun
  • Mickey’s Snuggletime by Wonder Forge
  • Pick Me Up, Piggy! by Peaceable Kingdom – A MindWare Brand
  • Topper Takes a Trip by Peaceable Kingdom – A MindWare Brand
  • Wake Up Stars by SimplyFun


  • Crayola Color Chemistry Arctic Lab
  • Dig it Up! Discoveries Dragons by MindWare
  • Folkmanis Robot Puppet
  • Folkmanis Snow Leopard Cub Puppet
  • Gravitrax Trampoline by Ravensburger
  • KEVA Cutouts by MindWare
  • LeapBuilders ABC Smart House by LeapFrog
  • LeapStart Go by LeapFrog
  • Long and Tall Puzzles-Big to Small Animals by The Learning Journey
  • Magicube Jack and the Beanstalk by Geomagworld


  • Astro Trash by The Op | USAopoly
  • Eagle Chase by SimplyFun
  • Gotta Word by Cortex Toys
  • Hoyle Mixed Emojis
  • Match-O-Rama by The Op | USAopoly
  • Miniland Emoti Blocks
  • SMARTGAMES Brain Train
  • SPARK Cards by SPARK Innovations
  • SPARK Jr. Sequencing Cards by Spark Innovations
  • Stick Figure it Out by Cortex Toys


  • Bluebee Pals Techie Rangers Book & Activity Guide by Kayle Concepts
  • Ditty Bird Musical Books by MEMA Enterprise PTY Ltd
  • Fern and Horn by Marie-Louise Gay
  • From Birth to First Words by Lynn Carson, Talking Together
  • Hoo Hoo Who? by Mary Maier with Lauren Horton
  • Language Together Set 2
  • New York Day & Night by Aurelie Pollet and Vincent Bergier
  • Portable North Pole by UGroupMedia
  • Summer Big Fun Workbooks by Highlights
  • That’s MY Cake! by Wonderbly

Each holiday season, millions are spent on kids’ toys, games and books. These PAL winners above are not only great fun but also encourage rich language development. Think “tastes like ice cream, fortifies like spinach,” optimizing your toy purchases to build language while maintaining all the fun. Now’s the time to be intentional about your child’s toy chest, game drawer, bookshelf and tablet!

ABOUT PLAYONWORDS, LLC was founded by well-respected speech-language pathologist, Sherry Artemenko. Her 35 years championing language rich play, esteemed PAL Award, popular blog, and insightful tips to parents set her apart as the leading advocate for the language component in toys.

Over 17,000 hours working directly with children has shown her that a unique set of the best toys, games and books have the capability to develop language while delivering great play. Studies show:

  • Kids with highest IQs at three, had the most words at one and two
  • Language learning is cumulative – early words => early sentences => language & reading
  • Most kids maintain their verbal advantage through childhood
  • Creative pretend play that sparks story-telling can advance future literacy

Sherry established the PAL Award to identify unique toys, games and books that through their design, quality and character, encourage play that advances language. PAL winners in the hands of kids, spark fun and creative play with lots of talk. Such toys, recognized on the basis of her child development expertise, are complemented by practical coaching in her blog, showing parents and caregivers how to get the most from toys, games and books to build language and underlying cognitive skills.


Bluebee Pals a 2019 PAL Award winner! 

THE PAL AWARD is the only Toy Industry recognition led by a credentialed speech and language expert, calling out the language learning edge in exceptional toys, games, books and media. Through their design, quality, content and character, PAL winners spark Play that Advances Language. Sherry Artemenko’s selections based on 35 years of child development experience and over 15,000 hours working with kids, empower her unique reviews that explain how parents can best use her winning PAL recommendation.
In a world that runs on words, finding fun ways to build kids’ speech and language early on is invaluable to their future academic success. Sherry Artemenko training as a language pathologist and over thirty five years  and 17,000 hours working and playing with children has equipped her to distinguish top products. As a language expert, Sherry regularly promotes PAL winners in the media—FOX6 Milwaukee,  NBC CT TV,  ASHASphere  (American Speech Language-Hearing Association’s blog), and has been tapped as an expert for Parents Magazine.

The Techie Rangers story is a sweet introduction to children who have an alternate way of speaking as well as to the Bluebee Pals who are great companions to learning! The free activity guide is a helpful tool for parents, therapists, and educators to use to expand language learning based on the story.
Kayle Concepts LLC ( Bluebee Pals) creativity, hard work, and developmental focus is evident in this outstanding product. The exciting Bluebee Pals Book and guide can be purchased on Amazon: E-book for free with Kindle membership or print version for $9.99. The PAL Award is the only industry recognition focusing on the best toys, games and books that not only entertain, but also inspire kids and caregivers to engage in rich communication and interaction.

Bluebee Pals Go Global With AAC


Bluebee Pals Exhibit in Perth Australia!..AAC Communication: Augmented, Alternative Communication.


What is AGOSCI? Established in 1981, AGOSCI is an inclusive group interested in enhancing the participation of all people with complex communication needs. AGOSCI also aims to build the capacity of society to achieve their vision.

Their vision is that people with complex communication needs participate fully in all aspects of life.AGOSCI’s membership includes individuals with complex communication needs, family and community members, teachers, speech pathologists, and other professionals.



An estimated 3.5 million Americans experience speech disability to the extent that they have significant difficulty being understood by others. Many of these people have no speech at all and also have other physical disabilities that preclude expressive communication using gestures, writing, or typing.

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is a field of endeavor addressing the communication and other related needs of individuals who experience significant and complex communication disorders. The goal of AAC is to achieve the most effective communication possible for the individual in order to maximize their potential and lead the highest quality of life possible. Aspects of this field include clinical service delivery, education, research and advocacy. Individuals who benefit from AAC intervention frequently require assistive technology such as Speech Generating Devices (SGDs), the term used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as a funding category of Durable Medical Equipment.


At the start, the field of AAC often focused on teaching AAC users to request highly desired items like food or toys and labeling nouns and verbs.


The vocabulary taught and used was often very specific such as “I want cracker”, “bathroom”, “ball”. Over time a vast amount of research has guided therapists, users, and caregivers towards more effective AAC use.

What we have learned is that 80% of the words we use in English to communicate across various settings are not specific nouns and verbs, but instead what we call “core words”. Core words are frequently occurring abstract words that can be used to communicate many messages across many topics. They are words like “it”, “go”, “you”, “see”. Many low-tech and high-tech AAC systems are providing core word vocabulary to the user on their front or home page to allow fast and effect communication across all settings. Just one look at a well-known AAC website will help you to see how core word use is really at the forefront of the AAC world!

The more AAC users hear and see core vocabulary being used by their communication partners on their devices and the more they are aided to use it themselves, the more they will be able to communicate with the world! Bluebee Pals are a great tool for use with AAC apps and core words. Simply connect your Bluebee Pal via Bluetooth connection to your iPad with a communication app. As the AAC user activates buttons on their communication app, Bluebee will speak. What a fun way to hear your “voice” being used!



Bluebee Pals are a diverse assistive technology tool and considered by many speech therapists as a effective tool in engaging children and adults in communication.














Bluebee Pals Engage North East Schools

Melissa Stark – Special Education Teacher-New York, NY

As a special education teacher, you are always looking for ways to help increase your students love of learning. At the ISTE Conference( International Society for Technology in Education) in June 2019, I presented on Technologically Applying the Communication Bill of Rights to All Learners. Giving all students a voice should be a goal for us all. While walking the conference floor, I had the chance to find Bluebee Pals. As summer school was approaching I decided to give it a try and buy one for my classroom. 


Bluebee has made learning fun and age-appropriate for my students. I love that my students AAC devices can be modeled through Bluebee. I also love that my students can read books or share items they completed for classwork on Bluebee. Bluebee gives my students that voice. They integrate with so many different apps and programs. I also love that Bluebee has its own individual app that focuses on life skills such as what do you do in different places in your home (i.e., kitchen, bathroom). I am so happy to have found Bluebee and cannot wait to continue using it in my classroom.

Special Education Teacher – Boston, MA

 Meeting founder Laura Jiencke at the 2019 ISTE show and getting to see the Bluebee Pals and how the work was truly the highlight of my experience at ISTE!  Winning the raffle was extra special, and I can’t wait to introduce Lily Lamb to my students when school starts in September!

The Bluebee Pal Website is fantastic, the home page is bright, inviting and uncluttered, and the tutorial videos and PDFs are really helpful. I would truly love to see the speech, O.T., and other Early Childhood teachers in Boston Public Schools using the Bluebee Pals with a wide range of our special needs populations. I plan to meet with Laura Jiencke at our school and brainstorm together how we can make this happen.  


My main focus on teaching is implementing curriculum and supporting learning in all areas of the new school year.  I’ve always had technology in my classroom, and I’m really excited to introduce and have my students use the Bluebee Pals!  I will definitely keep track of the Bluebee Pals app and third party apps and other ways I use Bluebee Pals in the classroom.

Classrooms with Bluebee Pals Programs!


Bluebee Pals can be utilized for various early learners populations (special needs – developmental delay, Speech, O.T., bilingual, social/ emotional)

The Bluebee Pals Website provides Prek-3 curriculum and professional development information for teachers.

The Bluebee App has interactive games focusing on social-emotional, literacy, and math

The New Techie Rangers Children’s  E-Book Includes a 61 Page Free Activity Guide 







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