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Phone Calls with Elmo and Bluebee Pal

Elmo Calls is a fun and interactive app for young children that are just learning how to make phone calls. This app, which is priced at $1.99, is endless fun for Elmo lovers! The conversations with Elmo can help teach your child about healthy habits, self-confidence,... read more

Bluebee Pal meets Julia from Sesame Street

Welcome Julia to Sesame Street with this free and informative app from Sesame Street. Julia is the newest character on Sesame Street and she has Autism. Included in this free and interactive app, there is information for parents to read and learn and then share with... read more

Apps for Calming after a Busy Day

Self-Calming is an art that is taught. In our over-stimulating world, kids can get quite overloaded on the constant bombardment of sensory input. When in this state of over-arousal, the body goes into a state of stress called fight or flight. The fight or flight... read more

Teaching and Learning Begin at Home

Tips for Parents: Bluebee Teacher Ambassador Helen Wagner I often use our classroom Bluebee Pals during therapy to work on reading, talking and playing skills! My students really relate to their Bluebee therapy friends, and look forward to learning with them! Teaching... read more

Bluebee and Favorite Apps for School

Bluebee is going to school this year and has no first day jitters. She knows Mommy will be there to pick her up afterwards and is prepared to have a great year! She has a jump start on learning by using some of these great recommended apps to assist with her new... read more

Special Needs Apps from The iMums

Finding the right app for your special needs child can be a challenge.  Below are some of our favorites at The iMums by category which can help target skills for your child. Reading Apps Reading Train Endless Books, Songs & Games – School Readers by The Learning... read more

Sesame Street – the App

Sesame Street by Sesame Street gives kids unlimited access to video clips and mini-games with all your favorite characters. Bluebee couldn’t have more fun with your child than this! The two together can explore hundreds of videos and games covering everything a... read more

Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo App

Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo by Spinlight Studios is an interactive storybook that has become a preschool standard. All the features that we love in storybook apps are present…original story and creative design, professional narration with highlighted text, and the... read more

First Moments: Hudson & Camp; Sammy go to school

  As a mom, I have seen many first moments in the lives of my children. First smile, first words, walking for the first time. Today, I saw another one of those moments. My son has autism and is currently attending a summer school program in my town. He has had... read more

3 Apps for Creating Fireworks for the Fourth!

Fireworks Lab by Cowly Owl is a sure-fire winner for little creators. Gameplay is straightforward and easy to use. On opening the screen the app displays a number of place markers for making a safe firework display, and by tapping on a drop pin, the fun begins! Kids... read more

Have a Hearty Sing-Out with Wee Sing America!

Wee Sing America by Wee Sing is the perfect way to gear kids up for the 4th of July. It’s fun to learn a bit about American history through songs and quotes. Most of the songs are traditional standards, simple to learn, and are ripe for movement and play ideas. Our... read more

ISTE Expo Features Bluebee Educational tools

Exhibiting at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, Texas to a highly targeted market of 15,000 education professionals. The Expo opens to attendees Monday, June 26, 2017, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. TechTerra Education is featuring Bluebee... read more

Bluebees Pals Are A Dynamic Learning Tool

Bluebee is compatible with all devices using Bluetooth technology. iOS, Kindle, or Android devices Computers Cell Phones Music Streaming Devices Bluebee inspires learning through educational apps                                     Bluebee provides a safe environment... read more

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