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Tips for Using Bluebee to Prepare for Halloween

With a lot of novel stimuli coming at your child this Halloween, it makes sense to use Bluebee to help your child prepare for a variance in routine. The Halloween Holiday Apps listed on the website here and here are all ways to practice the sequence of what the... read more

PreSchool Halloween Fun with Bluebee

Preschoolers who have an idea of the spoils of Halloween are always excited about its celebration and are eager to play games, activities and listen to stories that feed that curiosity. Here are a few more apps that are well paired with Bluebee for preschoolers in the... read more

School Specialty Catalogue Cover and Bluebee Pals

At School Specialty, they offer award-winning brands and over 110,000 items for educators in every discipline. School Specialty brands address the full spectrum of educational needs, from basic school supplies to furniture and playground equipment, to standards-based... read more

Back to School with Bluebee Pals

Summertime is over! Kids are back in school! Gather your Bluebee Pals and children and get ready to learn! Here are some favorite apps from our classroom to help you get back in the “groove”! Children are back to school continuing their learning path and ready to... read more

Dr. Panda Restaurant Asia App

Learn all about how to prepare Asian food with Dr. Panda Restaurant Asia app!  How will Dr. Panda prepare the food? With over 20 ingredients to choose from, the player will get the opportunity to make a variety of food choices including stir fry, sushi, soup and more!... read more

Get Busy with Busy Shapes and Colors!

Busy Shapes and Colors from Edoki blends shape recognition and color awareness. By adding attributes, whether beginning with colors or shapes, the app naturally expands vocabulary by defining objects in more detail through the development of spatial discrimination and... read more

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