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Learning to Write Fun with Writing Wizard App

I use Writing Wizard App by L’Escapadou every day, largely because of the settings that allow the app to be tailored to the needs of a specific child and it’s highly reinforcing content that keeps kids engaged. Writing In the App On opening, select where to... read more

2017 Teacher’s Choice: Family Awards

The Teachers’ Choice Awards honor products of exceptional quality and outstanding performance in the classroom and at home! Our panel of teacher evaluators use each product in their classrooms and homes to find the best products for teachers and parents. Bluebee Pals... read more

An App for Earth Day: Care for Our World

Care for Our World by Sunbreak Games is a beautifully illustrated interactive storybook which seems more like a beloved poem from a time when you were very young. Based on the award-winning book by Karen Robbins and illustrated by Alexandra Ball, it takes kids to... read more

World Autism Awareness Day-United Nations New York

World Autism Awareness Day-2 April-In a special event in New York ahead of the Day, marked annually on 2 April, the UN and the international  renew their commitment to raising awareness about autism. Secretary-General António Guterres Message on World Autism Awareness... read more

Bluebee Pals Technology and Home School Settings

In recent years technology has been adapted to meet the needs of home-educated children in multiple ways. Since we live in such a technologically driven society, its has actually become impossible not to incorporate technology in the home educational realm. Students... read more

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