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Here you can find current reviews on educational apps and resource for learning disabilities

Hudson Makes a Wish List

Hudson, that silly puppy, is being smart this year with a list already for Mommy to send out. What does he have on his list? Some books, some learning apps that are challenging, and of course some apps and toys for fun. Here are a few of his top picks: Oceanhouse...

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PreSchool Halloween Fun with Bluebee

Preschoolers who have an idea of the spoils of Halloween are always excited about its celebration and are eager to play games, activities and listen to stories that feed that curiosity. Here are a few more apps that are well paired with Bluebee for preschoolers in the...

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Get Busy with Busy Shapes and Colors!

Busy Shapes and Colors from Edoki blends shape recognition and color awareness. By adding attributes, whether beginning with colors or shapes, the app naturally expands vocabulary by defining objects in more detail through the development of spatial discrimination and...

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Apps for Calming after a Busy Day

Self-Calming is an art that is taught. In our over-stimulating world, kids can get quite overloaded with the constant bombardment of sensory input. When in this state of over-arousal, the body goes into a state of stress called fight or flight. The fight or flight...

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Sesame Street – the App

Sesame Street by Sesame Street gives kids unlimited access to video clips and mini-games with all your favorite characters. Bluebee couldn’t have more fun with your child than this! The two together can explore hundreds of videos and games covering everything a...

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Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo App

Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo by Spinlight Studios is an interactive storybook that has become a preschool standard. All the features that we love in storybook apps are present…original story and creative design, professional narration with highlighted text, and the...

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Learn about Sound with Musical Me!

Musical Me! by Duck Duck Moose is the just right app for helping little ones to begin to discriminate sound and serves as an enhancement to language acquisition. In Musical Me, kids learn about the nuances of rhythm and pitch and have the opportunity to practice their...

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