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Here you can find current reviews on educational apps and resource for learning disabilities

Let’s have Tea with Toca Tea Party!

Who hasn’t experienced having a Tea Party with their favorite friends? Using Toca Tea Party by Toca Boca AB it’s as simple as ABC! Toca Tea Party is a classic app that presents plenty of opportunities for open-ended play based on practical life skills. The beauty of...

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Bizzy Bear on the Farm App by Nosy Crow

Bizzy Bear on the Farm by Nosy Crow is an original offering based on the popular series of board books. The app is based on the routines performed on a farm, and kids just love helping Bizzy Bear with his chores for the day as he visits the farm. Every child wants to...

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One Giggly Gorilla App and Bluebee Pals

One Giggly Gorilla produced by Wasabi and written by Graham Nunn, is an absolute delight! Follow these primates in the sequel to Ten Giggly Gorillas which was also recommended for use with Bluebee Pals. Gameplay revolves around helping the gorillas (by counting 1-10)...

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Lipa Bear & Bluebee Pals

Lipa Bear by Lipa Learning is an endearing early learning app for 2-3-year-olds who are in the midst of a language burst and want to learn about EVERYTHING and learn it NOW! This little app gives them the opportunity to strut their stuff and show you all that they...

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Domi Domi Listen and Guess

Domi Domi Listen and Guess by Yellow Dot is an awesome app for building vocabulary and pairing listening skills with making choices and taking action. On opening, kids can choose to listen to different sounds or play a game identifying sounds. The selection is clearly...

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Cubic Frog’s Preschool EduKitty

Cubic Frog’s Preschool EduKitty is a fun app for learning to listen and then follow directions. It teaches kids how to not only to look to others for information but also based on their ability to process and recall, follow through with sequencing directives and then...

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Zoo Animals ~ Touch, Look Listen

Zoo Animals ~ Touch, Look, Listen, by one of my favorite developers, StoryToys Entertainment Limited, is a winner for using with a Bluebee Pal. This early-learning pop-up picture book allows kids to explore at their own pace either alone, or with an adult or sibling...

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StartDOT Handwriting

StartDOT Handwriting by TrishCO LLC is the perfect app for kids needing both visual and auditory cues to reinforce proper letter formation. So many kids that we see in the clinic, have learned maladaptive patterns for letter formation. Visual, fine motor skills, and...

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A Parcel of Courage

Moona Apps' A Parcel of Courage by Mariya Stavinskayais an uplifting interactive storybook about empathy and demonstrates how to give others the love and support they need to overcome obstacles. A family separated over many miles from their beloved Granny wish to help...

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Moonlight Hide and Seek

Weily Apps' Moonlight Hide and Seek by Betsy Franco and illustrated by Tom Franco is a rare find in the app store. Combining Early Learning Math Concepts within a storybook, this book gives way to endless possibilities for choice making. AND that translates to repeat...

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How I Became a Pirate

How I Became a Pirate, the award-winning book by Melinda Long and David Hannon, and brought to life by OceanHouse Media is a must have for the swashbuckling set! In this interactive storybook, Jeremy Jacobs - a young boy with time on his hands boards Captain Braid...

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12 Huia Birds

12 Huia Birds by Yoozoo Limited is an amazing interactive storybook that centers on the Huia Bird and its gradual extinction from New Zealand. It is rich in the culture and history of the land of New Zealand, and can even be listened to in the lyrical Maori native...

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