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Jackie's Corner

A curated variety of apps recommended for Bluebee Pals

Apps to Pair with Special Needs

Peek a Zoo by Duck Duck Moose : Identify animals, emotions, actions and sounds Learn the names of animals: alligator, cat, chicken, cow, dog, elephant, giraffe, hippo, lion, monkey, mouse, panda, penguin, pig, seal, skunk, walrus, zebra, and an imaginary “squirgle”!...

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Apps to take on a Plane, Train or Car Trips

Apps for Traveling, Education and Fun! Jump a Game of Numbers Jump! is addicting - in a good, educational way.  "It is not merely drilling math facts, integration is ensured through play and lateral thinking. Stack the States 2 Watch the states come to life as...

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Springtime : Fun New Apps in the App Store.

Bluebee Pal with Apps by Wee Sing, Jump, Toga, Stack States  Wee Sing What it is and what you do with it? A set of musical alphabet flashcards featuring various animals and musical instruments. View the cards, listen to a song for each letter,...

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The ABCs of ABC apps

The ABCs of ABC apps.  They are A. academic, B. beneficial and C. captivating for your child or student.  Here are some of the best out there in app land. Fish School by Duck Duck Moose – have fun with the fish characters to make letters.  Loads of...

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Great Brain Power Games as Stocking Stuffers!

Super fun, engaging apps that will provide hours of fun and some brain power for the kids and family. Download these for some family time OR for use them as creative stocking stuffers! Eggroll Games offers a selection of beautifully photographed puzzles.  The...

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Vocabulary Building Using Educational Apps

Adding to a child’s developing vocabulary can be so much fun with some great educational apps.  Research suggests that the more words a child hears, the more they will learn and use words to express themselves. Check out these great apps for younger kiddos and...

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Fun Holiday Apps from Jackie’s Corner

Read along with your child and explore the magic of an interactive book app. Here are a few fun ones for the upcoming holiday season.     A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving by Loud Crow Int. Discover the meaning of Thanksgiving with Charlie Brown and the Gang. The Turkey...

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Jackie’s Corner is coming to The Bluebee Pals

Jackie Bryla is bringing her expertise as a consultant and advisor to Jackie's Corner! Please bookmark Jackie's Corner to learn more about Jackie Bryla and assistive technology.  Jackie Bryla is the founder of act – Apps, Consulting and Training.  a.c.t. is...

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