The Bluebee Pals App is excited to announce their 5 star approval rating and certification in Parents App Library.

Parent App Library CertifiedIf you are worried about the apps your child is using, both free and paid, then why not explore our library of age-appropriate curriculum relevant apps? Their apps are teacher reviewed, ad-free and covers key subject areas such as English, Maths, Science and more. Suitable for iOS and Android devices.

Support your child’s learning at home 

Weekly Learning Plans

Start using the weekly Math and English learning plans so your child can master key concepts for their age level.

Personalized App Library

Receive app recommendations tailored to suit your child’s age and ability and organized by subject, with updates throughout the academic year.

User Guides

Their teacher-created user guides will give you the confidence on how to use the apps at home.

Quick Search

Need to find a specific topic or areas of learning? Filter by subject, device, age and topic to pin-point the right apps to support your child.

Teacher-Certified Apps

Teachers’ in-depth and trusted reviews assure you that the apps you choose are educationally sound.

Special Education Library

All kids deserve a chance to thrive, including those with special educational needs and disabilities. Hence the creation of our special education app library to cater to them, so that no child gets left behind.

How it works

Parental guidance can add a lot of value to educational apps. Kids need help to build the use of revision apps into their daily practice routine. Knowledge-building apps work best when children are encouraged as they develop independent learning skills. Other apps gain a whole new dimension when parents spend time supporting children as they use them.
The Parental App Library guides you towards the best apps for your child by explaining what each app does and which parts of the curriculum it addresses. The Library goes further — it provides you with guidance to support, help, and encourage your child to utilize apps to maximize their educational development.


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