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The NEW release of the 4.0 Bluebee Pals was the top choice for (#FAVOFTHE MONTH) in Creative Play Retailer Magazine this July. In addition, these huggable tech companions were featured on the cover of Creative Play this April and won “two awards”: 2018 Plush Toy of the Year and Product of the Year.

The trade magazine covering the children’s retail industry. What makes Creative Play Retailer stand alone is its ability to provide the specialty store market with top rated reviews of products that are endorsed by Creative Child Magazine, parents and educators.



NEW 4.0 Bluebee Pal Pro is an interactive plush learning tool with FREE companion life skills and educational app, that connects to all iOS and Android Devices and pairs with all apps with a narrative. Our patented technology allows Bluebee’s “mouth and head” to move while reading stories, teaching through educational games, learning a language and singing songs.

The wonderful thing about Bluebee Pals is that they are a ready and able playmate, confidante, and teacher hidden inside a stuffed animal. They can be paired with any device that is Bluetooth enabled or used as a beloved toy unplugged.





Try using your Bluebee Pals to:

Rehearse upcoming events by acting out what is going to happen and have Bluebee respond with any anticipated concerns. Children can also rehearse independently by playing an app with your Bluebee Pal as a guide – which helps build independence and confidence.

Master language skills, manners, and turn taking. Simply listening to a story read by Bluebee will help increase vocabulary.

We’ve all gone to “tea parties” and I’ve heard that Bluebee loves a bit of cake with his tea. During your party, practice sharing portions. There are many food playsets that have a portion component. Games with definite turns are also a way to teach waiting – although your child can take Bluebee’s turn too! Using the phone component with Bluebee can add to imaginative and pretend play by having Bluebee communicating directly with your child.


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