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Meadow Drive Elementary School – Mineola Union Free School District Meadow Drive Elementary School is located in suburban Long Island. We serve over 350 diverse students in grades Pre-K through grade 2. We have had a 1:1 iPad initiative for over two years. Our school has a dual-language program on each grade level, where students learn in both English and Spanish. We have several students who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication as their primary form of communication, some using bilingual (English/Spanish) AAC apps.

We met at the ASHA Conference last week in Boston. My intern, Laura, is now featured on your Facebook page. I spoke with my principal about the Bluebee Pal Project and she was super excited about the Bluebee Pal donation. We were thinking that the Bluebees would be an amazing assistive technology tool to our Dual Language classrooms, paired with our Spanish speaking apps! The other SLP in my school was hoping to use them with our Pre-k phonological awareness groups, and I plan on continuing to use them with my life-skills students. Barbara Peters, MS CCC-SLP..


Bluebee Pals have been an amazing, versatile addition to my therapy toolbox!  I’ve used “Sammy the bear” with students with ADHD and ASD, as a step towards improving their ability to attend to a communication partner’s request! My AAC users are so motivated to make him talk when I pair the Bluetooth with their AAC apps, and having “Sammy” as a bilingual communication partner using bilingual AAC apps is so exciting!  “Sammy” has also been part of whole group literacy lessons where we took turns dressing him up in clothes to go outside on a cold, winter day.  We created a book describing what we did, and when “Sammy” reads the book at the end of the activity, my students are SO excited!

Barbara Peters, MS CCC-SLP- Language Pathologist

The students love Bluebee! We named our “Pedro el Perro” and “Sally la Cebra” so they get excited when they come out to sing songs. 

I’ve been using them with footsteps2brilliance to sing the alphabet and other nursery rhymes. The students are so engaged when they come out and love singing along! 

 Dual Language Teacher, Miss Bauer

We love our Bluebee amigos!  We named them: “Chippy el leon y Corazon cordero”!  We use them to read to us in Spanish and sing songs for us!  They love following along to the books with our new pals!  Gracias! 

Dual Language Teacher, Miss V.

My students LOVE Bluebee pals!!! They are so engaged when “Sammy” comes out to say hi and teach them some new fun lessons/skills! My students have shown an increase in language development because of “Sammy”, our Bluebee Pal!!

RISE (Special Education) Teacher, Mrs. Berto




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