Bluebee Pal Language Lesson: Verb Tenses


Today, we introduced Bluebee Pal Hudson, the Puppy, as an assistive technology tool in my speech therapy class. Our 3rd and 4th graders’ speech and language therapy students used Hudson the Puppy to help with verb tenses. Although the students are older than elementary age, they were still engaged with Bluebee and excited to use their sentence knowledge to “program” him, much like they have been working on programming small robots in their stem classes this year.

Before Spring Break:

The students wrote future tense sentences to predict the weather and also what activities they planned during spring break.

After Spring Break:

We reviewed those sentences to see if everything they predicted happened and then formulated new sentences with the past tense verb forms to tell what actually happened on spring break.

How we used Bluebee:

Each student assisted in helping “program” Hudson using a Text to Speech App to say at least one of their sentences. The other students had to listen to Hudson to determine whether it was future or past tense.

Engaging with the Bluebee Pal Hudson motivated students who typically avoid writing to participate in the verb curriculum; they heard his voice and watched him speak, knowing they were instrumental in making this happen. One of the students commented, “it is so cool because he is animatronic, and I want to learn how to build one someday.” Programing Bluebee Pal Hudson created a segue to another topic where we will be talking about future careers. My students are so inspired and look forward to researching what it is to be a mechatronics engineer.

I highly recommend Bluebee Pal as a therapy tool for engaging students of all ages!


Allison Cusumano, MS Ed., CCC-SLP-Speech-Language Pathologist
Chestnut Elementary School for Science and Engineering
School District of Osceola County
4300 Chestnut Street
Kissimmee, FL 34759



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