Bluebee Pals are a great therapy tool! What I love best about our Bluebee Pal is how diverse it is. We use it in so many ways! We have older kids use it as a projection of their voice to greet the younger kids; increasing peer-to-peer interaction is a great foundational communication skill for our kids to learn. Also, the kids are more motivated to pick a song when the bluebee pal is singing it.

We are currently using it in our joint action routines (JARs) to teach various communication skills to children with autism. Bluebee Pals provide a nurturing environment as a talking stuffed animal who engages in communication and companionship. In addition, the Bluebee Website  offers a host of free resources and tutorials.


Bluebee a Speech Therapy Motivational Tool 


 Therapists utilize Bluebee as an effective speech therapy motivational tool to engage in communication and learning. Bluebee participates in repeating words, answering questions, and reading stories. Therapists are always seeking innovative tools to encourage and create enthusiasm in communication during therapy time. What could be a better response for a child than a talking stuffed animal. There are a variety of popular speech apps, from basic apps to AAC apps for non-verbal children. 



                              Recommendations: Pairing Speech Apps to Bluebee   


What are the leading apps paired with Bluebee Pals? Text to Speech Apps with reading activities, Proloquo2Go is an AAC app to enhance communication, Autism ihelps Apps teaches vocabulary, Super Duper Publications and Smarty Ears for speech and Splingo for speech and language acquisition. Gregory Horan, M.S., SLP Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist.




AAC Communication and Bluebee Pals



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