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The Bluebee Companion App

Have you recently purchased the Bluebee Pal 4.0? To learn more about its interactive tools features, click here. Now that you have your Bluebee Pal, it’s time to download your free companion app, The Bluebee Pals App includes key features that help building speech, language and learning with your child. To learn about what speech and language goals you can target with your Bluebee Pal app, click here.

Features of the App

Introduction Video: This video explains how to connect your Bluebee Pal to your device and get started!

5 Life Skills Rooms: The Bluebee five rooms  teach activities of daily living including bathing, brushing hair, brushing teeth, bedtime routines, various kitchen items including meals. Each room is a scene based display with various hot spots to help your child build vocabulary, improve visual awareness and become more familiar with specific objects that belong in a room. These rooms are common to all children regardless of your cultural background. What is your child’s favorite room? For those parents who struggle with specific life skills, this can be an opportunity to explore a routine in a fun and interactive way (e.g. brushing teeth, brushing hair, etc.) If Bluebee can brush his teeth, then you can do it too!

10 mini games! Included in this free app are 10 educational games to inspire kids to learn while they are playing. Skills practiced include early academics, letters, colors, puzzles. These games are brief, simple and interactive games that children of all ages and abilities can enjoy.

Link to Parent/Educator Resources: Need more information? Within the app, you will find a direct link app reviews based on specific interests such as discipline or specific area that you would like to focus on for your child. For example, if you would like to work on specific fine motor skills, check out Jo Booth’s app reviews. If you are looking for iMum’s app reviews, click right within the app for suggestions and recommendations from this reputable app reviewer.

Bluebee Mini Library: These are curated apps that come highly recommended by our app reviewers for use with Bluebee Pals. This links to the many apps that I have reviewed as well as my colleagues. You will never run out of ideas on what to do with your Bluebee Pal!

Record your own voice! With this feature, you or your child can record your own voice and hear Bluebee play it back. This is a fun feature that can encourage a child to vocalize and/or verbalize and get feedback on what their voice sounds like. If your child is minimally verbal, get him or her to record a simple sound such as a vocalization or a sound they can create. 

What I like most about this app:

  1. Lots of choices for a child! A child can pick their own Bluebee, their favorite colors balloon, a room of their choice or a game. The choices are endless.
  2. This can be a great learning opportunity with errorless play and a lot of opportunity for language stimulation.
  3. A wonderful way to grow vocabulary and word association when accessing different objects within a room.
  4. The app is not overstimulating and is organized well. 
  5. The app is a perfect companion for the Bluebee Pal Pro! 

Want to learn more about the Bluebee Pal app? Check out this video here:




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