The Bluebee Pal Project, which traditionally donates to schools and special needs organizations, changed its trajectory in a new direction this year. The Bluebee Pals Project extended donations to individual speech therapists who work with large school districts. The positive response and feedback have reinforced years of determination and hard work; our Interactive tech plush companions are an effective, engaging assistive technology tool that supports children in achieving communication goals.

Bluebee Pals is so engaging for many of my students! Students of all levels and ages request that we use it during language therapy sessions. We use it to ask, comment, protest, and for social exchanges in both small group and large group sessions! In addition to being great at facilitating communication, it is so easy to use. Bluebee is user-friendly; turn it on, connect to Bluetooth, and it is ready to go! ~Sara Spisak, Speech-Language Pathologist

Bluebee Pals have been such a fun addition to my therapy sessions! My older students love using it to play music! My students who use augmentative and alternative communication devices (AAC) are so motivated to use their devices when they see Bluebee saying what they said! Almost every student will come to therapy and ask if they can use Bluebee! ~Kristen Ponce, Speech-Language Pathologist.  


When I first pulled the Bluebee out, I modeled “hi” on my student’s AAC device. The student smiled and watched. He was very intrigued! He pressed one button and watched Bluebee and let out a little giggle. He started pressing several buttons and watching, then started big belly laughing! It was so much fun to watch him see his words through a stuffed animal. Every time I pull it out, it is a hit! I can’t wait to use it more frequently throughout our circle time and in more activities! ~Rachel Dan, Speech-Language Pathologist.



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