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Advance Behavior and Learning is located in Maitland, Florida and a divison of Advance Behavior and Learning Academy. The organization serves families that have concerns regarding their child’s development, language, behavior, and/or learning.

Children range from those with formal diagnoses to those with no “labels”, which may just be experiencing some challenges that require additional support. Therapists work closely with families to create individualized programs that promote effective learning and maximum progress for each child. Therapy programs are based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to help children learn new skills and reduce problem behaviors.


“I’m a behavior analyst managing a clinical company that provides in home, in school, and clinic based behavior analytic services throughout Central Florida. I have been working in the field for almost 10 years and started as a behavior technician providing 1:1 direct therapy. 
In my opinion, I think the Bluebee Pals are a fun affordable assistive technology tool for early learners who enjoy playing with plush toys and engage them to target various goals within verbal behavior. Bluebees are used within our clinical practice in a variety of ways. Some include as a reinforcer or preferred item the child can earn to play with or as a teaching tool to make learning more interactive and engaging.”

What goals/objectives are being targeted when using Bluebee Pals? 
Pragmatic/Social Language (turn-taking, joint attention, greeting, conversational skills etc.)Expressive Language (labeling vocabulary, sentence formulation, semantic concepts etc.) Emily Munoz, M.S. BCBA

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