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Beenleigh Special School in Mount Warren Park Queensland, Australia is the first school in Australia to introduce Bluebee Pals Assistive Technology Tools. Founder Laura Jiencke is visiting the school this week after accepting a invitation to visit the school and recieving posiitve reviews of Bluebee Pals impact on the school. The school opened in 1983 and provides specialized education programs for students with an intellectual disability from Prep to Year 12.

The enrollment at Beenleigh Special School is currently 163 students who come from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds. The student population consists of children ages between 4.5 and 18, who have a wide range of disabilities. The school caters for students with physical, intellectual, vision and hearing disabilities and students with autism spectrum disorders.The educational needs of students attending Been Leigh Special School are determined using a statewide education adjustment process. Data from this process is used as a basis for enrollment at the school. 



The curriculum that guides teacher planning and learning experiences for students in year P-10 is the Australian Curriculum. The focus for students in Years 11 and 12 is on future planning and post-school. This is achieved through an individualized curriculum, using the Guidelines for Individual Learning as a framework. 


At the end of each semester, student progress is formally documented and reported to parents/careers. All students at Beenleigh Special School have an Individual Curriculum Plan (ICP),or for Senior Secondary students a Senior Education Transition Plan. Education teams work together to implement the ICP, and constantly monitor and evaluate each student’s progress.


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