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Strategies and Apps to Promote Engagement

Bluebee Pals Founder Laura Jiencke sent Bluebee Pals  to Joan Green(M.A., CCC-SLP) founder of Innovative Speech Therapy to evaluate Bluebee Pals talking tech companions as assistive technology tools for her speech therapy practice. Joan utilized Bluebee Pal Sammy Bear by participating in segments of her Facebook Speech Webinar iintroducing not only third party apps but a featured presentation of  the new Bluebee Pal Life Skills/Educational App.

The Bluebee App is a free App on Apple and IOS and received 5 star reviews. Videos and PDF’s Tutorials for the Bluebee Pal and Bluebee App were incorporated early this year on the Bluebee Website as a support resource tool for therapists and educators. Bluebee Pals affordable assistive technology tools progressed from its original release as basic educational tech toy, to it’s a recent launch in 2018 as a premium  educational tool created for therapists and educators.



Over the past 30+ years, Joan Green developed systems, techniques, and strategies to help others speed toward their communication, cognitive, and learning goals. She combine the use of the latest assistive technology features, online tools, engaging speech and language therapy apps, evidence based speech therapy techniques, inclusive family-centered communication training, and multiple means of support.

implementing Apps in Speech therapy

  • Adults who have not responded to previous therapy
  • Verbal and nonverbal children
  • Emergent language learners
  • Beginning to introduce AAC- Alternative, Augmented Communication
  • Diagnosis of Autism (ASD), Intellectual impairment, Dementia, or Cognitive dysfunction

With a considerable number of K-12 students in special education programs throughout the U.S., teachers have found that the traditional use of textbooks and worksheets is often ineffective. The use of assistive technology – computer software, communication devices and tablets – is a new and innovative trend among educators. 


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