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We have included Bluebee Pals in our grammar skills. Last week, Sammy the bear helped my students practice their prepositional phrases. My students took turns hiding Sammy behind, under, in, and on various items in the classroom.  Using a free text to speech app, Sammy would call out “Hey, where am I?”  When found, my students would use our “location words” to describe where Sammy was hidden. Once a student correctly identified the location, he/she would give him a hug and Sammy would say, “I love you, _______!”  They were SO motivated, and Sammy got a lot of hugs!

Using Bluebee Pals has helped me to personalize my student’s learning!  I have students with autism that find it difficult to attend to their peers in conversation. My Bluebee pal is a very patient listener, and a persistent communicator who never gets mad or frustrated!  It’s a great step towards conversational skills!  It’s awesome to have a communication partner who you can rely on to have an interest in any topic!
The soft snuggle factor of a Bluebee Pal cannot be ignored!  Pairing a Bluebee pal with Raz Kids or a book being read on YouTube, and my students love cuddling up to listen to stories!
I brought in some of my son’s old baby clothes and Sammy the bear practiced getting dressed to go outside in different weather conditions. After using a writing chart, we then created a book for Sammy to read to us!  My AAC users have also shown great interest in sharing their voices with a Bluebee Pal!  Anything that motivates students to communicate more is a win in my book!


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