With children out of traditional school due to the current virus pandemic- homeschooling, online schooling, and social distancing are the current new normal.  Children are missing their teachers, classmates, friends and social activities.  Parents are trying to supplement educational assignments to prevent loss of prior learning.This has all been such a big adjustment to our daily lives! Parents need to remember that a favorite stuffed animal can be a comforting companion. We recommend Bluebee Pals plush educational tools as a great resource for engaging communication and learning. .http://bluebeepals.com

Bluebee Pals make perfect friends and educational tech companions.


Family Pack Bluebee Pals

Family Pack Bluebee Pals

Bluebee Pals make great social distancing friends!   Even if you can’t have human friends over to play right now, you have an instant friend with your Bluebee Pal!  They are soft and snuggly, and instantly loveable.  They make a perfect friend! Here are some suggestions to help you and your child enjoy playing with a Bluebee Pal friend:

  1.  Have a tea party.  Have one every day! Invite your Bluebee Pal, mom, dad, sisters and brothers. Set the table, enjoy some snacks, and talk about your day.  This is a nice way to schedule some family time and reconnect.
  2. Your Bluebee Pal can receive telephone calls through it’s Bluetooth connection! Show your child how to answer the call by pressing on Bluebee’s ear.  Then, go to another room and call your child through their Bluebee Pal.  Have a conversation, sing some songs, ask and answer questions! Now, change places and let your child call you on your Bluebee Pal! This is wonderful for practicing conversational and social interactions.
  3. Be sure to include Bluebee Pal in daily activities! Let him sit next to you while watching cartoons or movies, and let him sleep with you at night. He will help keep your child from feeling lonely and isolated.
  4. Play games! You can play your favorite board games together and/or with other family members! Pick a game, set it up and get started. Help your Bluebee Pal take turns playing with you! Bluebee Pals love playing games!
  5. Play-pretend! Help your child learn to engage in pretend play with Bluebee Pal! Play pirates, princess, dress-up, take a trip to the moon or act out your favorite books! Imaginative play fosters creativity!
  6. Help your child make Face-time calls with your child’s friends with your  Bluebee Pal! Let your Bluebee “read” your favorite book apps with your child’s friends over the phone! This is an awesome way to keep friends connected.

Practicing responsible social distancing is imperative for all us….and, with Bluebee Pal friends, can be fun!

Bluebell Pals are NOT just your average toy! Oh no! They go way beyond that!  They are excellent educational tech companions! Bluebee Pals can easily be utilized to address educational needs with young children and make learning fun!


Their patented technology allows Bluebee’s mouth and head to move while reading stories, teaching through educational games, learning a language and singing songs.Bluebee Pals come with a FREE educational app, free resources, lesson plans tied to the Common Core Curriculum, video tutorials and ideas for educational uses, a fun activity guide and a downloadable book! Children love this nurturing tech companion who provides motivation and companionship.

                                                                                                                       Click the links to learn about Bluebee Pals and Free Resources

  1. Free Bluebee Pal App info: https://www.bluebeepals.com/bluebee-pals-app/
  2. E book/Activity Guide: https://www.bluebeepals.com/bluebee-pals-techie-rangers-book/
  3. Video Tutorials: https://www.bluebeepals.com/tutorials/
  4. Bluebee lesson plans and curriculum for multiple subject areas: https://www.bluebeepals.com/inclusive-curriculum/
  5. Resources and educational apps to use with your Bluebee Pals: https://www.bluebeepals.com/apps-bluebee-pals/
  6. Bluebee News Blogs where you can find current reviews on educational apps, ideas and resources: https://www.bluebeepals.com/blogs/
  7. How to purchase: https://www.bluebeepals.com/store/





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