Choice Works App: With Back to School in full swing, do you have students or a child that needs more visual supports? Does your child have trouble with transitions?

Check out my these Choice Works apps below to help with transitions! With Bluebee Pal at your child’s side providing the verbal output, transitions can become more fun and interactive!

To download the app, click here.

Choice Works

I have been using this app, Choice Works for many years with both children and adults with Autism as well as other disabilities. The Choiceworks app is functional and educational learning tool for helping children complete daily routines (morning, day, & night), understand & control their feelings and improve their waiting skills (taking turns and not interrupting). This app is specifically designed to help with transitions, optimize visual learning, reduce behaviors and optimize easy transitions. The app is user friendly for parents and educators and very flexible in the way that it can be customized for each child. Here are some key features below as listed on the app store:

■ Four boards: Schedule, Waiting, Feelings and Feelings Scale
■ Image Library preloaded with over 180 images and audio 
■ Add your own images and record your own audio for limitless customizability 
■ Attach video to any board image
■ Easily create profiles to personalize and manage multiple users
■ Save an unlimited number of boards for multiple children or different routines 
■ Speaks boards out loud with pre-recorded audio 
■ Time saving essentials like search and auto-save
■ Share boards by Email or iTunes File Sharing with other Choiceworks app users 
■ Ability to print boards or save as PDF

Get Bluebee to be your choice works assistant!

  1. Connect your Bluebee Pal via Bluetooth
  2. Click into the desired page such as schedules, waiting, feelings or feelings scale (e.g. School schedule)
  3. Each time you click on the icon of a pre-existing page you get the verbal feedback plus a short video that’s already installed! When making a customized page, add your own verbal output for Bluebee Pal.
  4. When you drag the icon over to the all done category, Bluebee will tell you “all done”
  5. This is just the beginning with the app! Explore with your child and your Choice Works assistant, Bluebee Pal!

Are you looking for a visual calendar to accompany Choice Works? Check out the Choice Works calendar!

To download the app, click here.

The Choiceworks Calendar is a  picture-based learning tool that helps children learn what is happening day-to-day throughout each month.  This app provides a visual calendar for children that have difficulty with time concepts and need those crucial visual supports. With this customized app, you can easily add or delete events as needed and take advantage of the features listed below. This app is extremely functional and can save a tons of time for a parent or educator. Adding images and events is done in a snap with this user friendly app! Print out the calendar and have it handy at home or in the classroom.  See these features below as listed on the app store:

Key Features 
■ Easily create a visual calendar of upcoming events in a few minutes (examples: holidays, when visitors are coming, doctor appointments, vacations, sleepovers, parent returning from a trip or military duty)
■ Image Library preloaded with over 275 images and audio
■ Add your own images using your photo library, camera or use the preloaded image library to record your own audio and edit captions for limitless customizability 
■ Create multiple personalized calendars for use with multiple children or in a classroom setting
■ Count Days Until: animated counter for the number of days until an upcoming event (example: How many days until my birthday?)
■ Speaks the daily schedule
■ Built-in visual timer
■ Automatically adds holidays
■ Easily add reoccurring events
■ Notifications and alarms with visual and audio alerts
■ Search and auto-save features
■ Share boards by Email or iTunes File Sharing with other Choiceworks Calendar app users 
■ Ability to print month, week or day for offline viewing or save as PDF

Get Bluebee connected to the fun calendar activity!

  1. Connect your Bluebee Pal via Bluetooth.
  2. Add your events and let Bluebee Pal will tell your child the name of the event.
  3. Do you want your daily schedule read to you? Bluebee Pal can do that! 
  4. Do you have an exciting event coming up? Bluebee can count down the days for you! 






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