Learn all about how to prepare Asian food with Dr. Panda Restaurant Asia app!  How will Dr. Panda prepare the food? With over 20 ingredients to choose from, the player will get the opportunity to make a variety of food choices including stir fry, sushi, soup and more! Key features include the ability to chop, boil, fry, blend and much more! When playing this app, the player will get the opportunity to experiment with cooking given no limit constraints and learn nonverbal cues of the customers to see if they are enjoying their food or not.

In the beginning of the game, the customer enters the restaurant, Dr. Panda opens the door and greets his first customer. As the customer sits down, the bubble will give you a clue about what he wants to eat. Will it be soup, sushi or stir fry? You have to play to find out! As Dr. Panda enters the kitchen, all of his ingredients are in front of him. It’s up to the child to follow the steps to the recipe.

For example, when making sushi, the seaweed and rice are available. When following the steps of seaweed and rice, the fish becomes available to place on top of the rice. This app is excellent for sequencing and learning the steps to preparing food! Does your customer like cucumber, shrimp or a different type of fish for dinner? Roll it up and then chop!  Add a little seasoning for that final touch! It’s ready to be served. After feeding your customer, you will know from their reaction whether they liked it or not and what their preferences are.

Bluebee will make this activity super fun by providing the sound effects, music and some of the limited speech in the app!

  1. Connect your Bluebee Pal via Bluetooth to your favorite tablet.
  2. Get started! As the customer enters the restaurant, you will hear Bluebee greet the customer by providing the audio feedback. As the child is playing the game, Bluebee will provide the music in the background. By playing this game, the child will begin to learn the nonverbal cues of Dr. Panda and the customer.
  3. Practice nonverbal cues with Bluebee Pal! Nod his head up and down for yes and back and forth for no. Practice with Bluebee Pal by offering him food and determining if he likes it or not. This can be an excellent way to engage in pretend play as well as learn nonverbal communication.

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