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Bluebee Pals meets Google Workbench provides a platform for educators and therapists to download a spectrum of classroom curriculum, life skills and fun activities for children Pre-K1. Through research, consultants and testimonials, the Bluebee team created resources to promote Bluebee Pals tech companions as an effective technology tool engaging learning and communication for all mainstream and special needs classrooms.

Bluebee Pals Pal 8 Lesson Plans are available free on Google Work Bench…

The goal of all educators should be to prepare all 21st Century students for a global society through the practice and mastery of the Four Cs- Communication, Creativity and innovation, Collaboration,Critical thinking and problem solving. Over the last ten years the National Education Association interviewed a diverse panel of leaders who agreed on the necessity to incorporate the “Four C’s” into K12 education for all learners.













Bluebee 4 PDF Resource Pages are recommendations from educators, speech and occupational therapists outlining the diversification of applications to utilize the Bluebee Pals and the Bluebee Pal Life Skills/Educational App.

The Bluebee Pals Learning App is a robust life skill and cognitive development tool for children ages 3 to 7. When connected to a Bluebee Pal, children can immerse themselves in activities in five life skills’ rooms and play 9 educational mini-games. In addition to our app, Bluebee Pals pair with all apps with a narrative providing endless entertainment and education for all mainstream and special needs children.






***Special Thanks to Jayne Clare-Teachers with Apps & Susan Wells -TechTerra Education

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