Play is much more than fun and games, it’s an important tool for children to develop essential skills. Every child should be able to experience the extraordinary benefits of play every day – especially on the International Day of Play, taking place June 11.

JUNE 11, 2024: In celebration of International Day of Play and to offer toy companies an opportunity to work together to ensure the world’s most vulnerable children have access to play, The Toy Foundation™ (TTF) is inviting companies to donate toys to The Toy Bank. The Toy Bank delivers toys to a vast network of charities, allowing small, medium, and large toy companies to create a meaningful collective impact. Donated product will be picked up quickly and delivered to children in need around the world.

Bluebee Pals will collaborate with the Toy Foundation and provide donations through the Bluebee Pal Project. “We are honored to part of the International Day of Play”. This is an exciting opportunity for companies of all sizes to participate in an international campaign. It’s vital for all children around the world to have access to toys that promote play and education for future  development.

International Day of Play was recently adopted by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly to celebrate the power of play, which is a fundamental right that builds resilience, instils confidence, and helps children develop. It is a necessity to invest in diverse, inclusive, and safe play spaces, extending access to all, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized children.

Since 2003, The Toy Bank has provided play to more than 32 million children worldwide.

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