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What Are Bluebee Pals? 

Bluebee Pals are softly huggable, lovable, plush interactive learning tools/toys that connect via Bluetooth to all iOS and Android devices. They wirelessly pair with all apps and activities with a narrative, which provides endless educational opportunities and entertainment for children of all ability levels. Bluebee’s mouth and head realistically move while speaking, making reading, educational apps, games, and activities so much fun!  Which Bluebee Pal will you choose? Hudson the dog, Riley the zebra, Leo the lion, Lily the lamb, Sammy the bear, or Parker the monkey.


November is a perfect time for children to learn about Thanksgiving, what it means, sharing with others, the importance of family and being grateful for what we have in our lives. Bluebee Pals have a unique charm that makes them excellent learning partners!




Fun activities you can pair with Bluebee Pals to learn about Thanksgiving.

We recommended the below videos and apps to connect your Bluebee Pals. Our soft, huggable tech companions provide your child with a learning companion that encourages communication and learning, all in the comfort of your home. Bluebee Pals connect to any app with a narrative, including the Bluebee Pal Educational App, allowing our users an infinite number of educational tools through Apple and Android Apps and Youtube Videos…Please visit our website to review all our Bluebee Pal Programs and resources for mainstream and special needs children. ..



Books/ Videos:

Bear Says Thanks

Turkey Trouble

How to Catch a Turkey

A Turkey For Thanksgiving

Little Critter Being Thankful

What Does It Mean To Be Thankful?

The Turkey Who Forgot How To Gobble

Thankful Song

The Story of Thanksgiving

The Night Before Thanksgiving

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

The Berenstein Bears Give Thanks

Boom Card Interactive Learning Activities:

Dress a Turkey:

Label the Turkey:–thanksgiving-activity-Ejip3xFF9CHeQrBmD

I am grateful for…:

Make a pumpkin pie:

Thanksgiving Directions:

Five Little Turkeys:

Where is the Turkey- Prepositions:–prepositions–grades-1-2–freebie-NoCqLkxnhitiHer82

Create a Turkey:

Turkey Vocabulary:





















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