Parent Testimonial:

Bluebee Pal instantly placed a smile on my son’s face, and he was utterly amazed how the voice was coming out of the Zebra and the Monkey. It encourages him to use more his AAC device once he keeps eye contact with Bluebee Pals and pays attention to what it’s saying. 

It’s incredible how my son Oliver fell in love with the Bluebee Pals. It’s not just a stuffed animal; it gives the child with autism a sense of belonging by having someone that is not unpredictable they can listen to, and eventually, he will communicate too.

It is helping him to self-regulate by practicing waiting and listening as well. My son loved the app and used it a lot once it was educational. Whenever my son uses Proloquo2go, Bluebee Pal App, social stories, and reading stories, he expresses joy and definitely thrilled by his Bluebee Pal friend.

We have to express our gratitude to the organization and the customer service. Thank you so much for everything you have done for our family!

Kind regards,

Ilson Biscuola

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