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Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame is a free app created by Sesame Workshop that teaches your children (appropriate for ages 2 to 5) how to breathe, calm down and work through stressful everyday challenges. For example, Little Monster has trouble putting on his shoes. He is getting very frustrated. What should he do to work through his frustration? With this app, your child will help Monster breathe, calm down and then choose a solution to this problem (which helps a child learn how problem solve).

The app includes five different situations to help your child problem solve and learn how work through various problems. Your child has to finish each activity before moving onto the next one. As your child helps Monster breathe, the color of the background changes and his facial expression turns from upset to calm. Breathe Think Do with Sesame helps teach your child new vocabulary, follow directives, learning simple problems solving skills and most importantly learn social emotional strategies to calm a child. The visuals and simple layout of this app is perfect for young children and will help your child put on their thinking cap.

The app also is also bilingual!

For many parents who have children with low frustration tolerance, attention issues and difficulty with transitions, this can be a wonderful app. 

How to use with Bluebee Pal:

  1. Connect Bluebee Pal to your preferred device via bluetooth.
  2. With Bluebee Pal providing the verbal instructions, you child can “choose an activity”
  3. Once the activity is chosen, you can work through how to breathe and stay calm with Bluebee Pal! Practice breathing with Bluebee Pal as your child helps monster breathe. How can you help Bluebee Pal breathe and stay calm? After tapping on Monster’s tummy, tap on Bluebee’s tummy! 
  4. More App sugestiions on the Bluebee Pal Website


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