Amanda Acosta, K-2 TeacheR, Bronx

Bluebee Pal is a fun way to encourage my students to participate during ElA. My class students voted on changing Parker the Monkey’s name to Momo. During read aloud, they are engaged with Momo and fascinated a stuffed animal is reading directly to them. When it comes to questioning, they will answer the question and give Momo a high five for participating.

Overall, they have enjoyed Fundations( a multisensory and systematic phonics, spelling, and handwriting program)with Bluebee Pals assistive technology devices; it has promoted their encouragement to engage and sit and attain what is being said by the device. In addition, there is an independent center where students have an opportunity to work with Momo with their letters, which they love to do. They have incorporated Momo into their routines; once they unpack, they ask where momo is in the classroomhttps://www.bluebeepals.com/tutorials/


Rachel Callahan, K-2 Teacher, Bronx
My students love using the Bluebee Pal! They were intrigued by the lion and would repeat letter sounds that Bluebee Pal said while connected to a voice recording app. They also enjoyed all stories and games. Students who do not demonstrate strong, functional, speech are more likely to participate from using the Bluebee Pal.


Vaishalie Ramsumair, M.A. CF-SLP, TSSLD, Brooklyn
I have now begun to integrate Bluebee Pal “Lily the Lamb” and the Bluebee Pal app into my therapy sessions. My non-verbal and minimally verbal students’ eyes immediately light up. My students have been highly motivated by the “daily activity” feature, where they are given the autonomy to select an activity based on the rooms in the Bluebee Pal App House.
The Bluebee Pal has helped one of my students in particular to generalize her ability to request via static display speech-generating device (GoTalk9+). While lunchtime has historically been the sole motivating activity for this student, she demonstrated the ability today to request Lily the Lamb within a structured play context using her GoTalk 9+. I will definitely continue to use Bluebee Pal Lily and Bluebee Pal App in future therapy sessions.

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