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What is an English Language Learner (ELL)?
“English-language learners, or ELLs, are students who are unable to communicate fluently or learn effectively in English, who often come from non-English-speaking homes and backgrounds, and who typically require specialized or modified instruction in both the English language and in their academic courses.
According to, the goal of teaching ESL is to get ELL students proficient in English as quickly as possible to allow ELL students to be integrated into classrooms and social settings, and to be able to communicate effectively. ELL students must develop critical thinking skills and test-taking skills along with their English language skills. Specific objectives include improving skills in the areas of grammar, vocabulary development, listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading and writing.

Bluebee Pals can be excellent tools in teaching beginning ELL students! 

Bluebee Pals easily connect to apps via Bluetooth to make learning come to life! Children become immediately more engaged and attentive!  With engagingly charming mouth and head movements, students will eagerly look forward to focused learning opportunities!
  • Bluebee is compatible with ALL apps with a narrative.
  • Bluebee is compatible with text-to-speech apps
  • Bluebee inspires learning with educational apps.
  • Bluebee reads any storybook apps
  • Bluebee sings with your favorite music apps.
  • Bluebee acts as an educational tool with voice recording apps.

Let Bluebee be the Teacher!

Usages with Bluebee Pals and ELL students:

1. One on One and/or Group Circle Time : Use Bluebee connected to apps to teach students core curriculum concepts individually or in small groups. You can target comprehension, vocabulary, wh-questions, grammar, listening, speaking, sequencing, following directions, pronunciation, critical thinking, spelling and more!

Apps to get you started:
*Lingokids – English For Kids by Monkimun Inc. This wonderful app creates an individual English Learning Program for your student based on their language level and age. Their curriculum and graphics are beyond amazing. It focuses on language skills such as English pronunciation, vocabulary, ABCs, numbers, shapes, colors, animals, food, writing and more.
*The Wanderful Collection by Wanderful, Inc. Interactive storybooks are great for teaching word pronunciation, word recognition, and meaning. Check out these books at
*BrainPOP ELL by BrainPOP® is a comprehensive English language learning program that uses animated movies to model conversational English. It offers leveled learning for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. It targets listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
*Endless Alphabet by Originator Inc. Endless Alphabet shows students how each word is spelled and provides a fun illustration of it’s definition. Then it shuffles the letters and challenges your student to put the word back together. What makes it even more awesome is that when the students pick up each letter to put it back on the right place, the letter makes its sound! ELL students get to review the sound of each letter, the spelling of each word and its definition through super entertaining and interactive illustrations!
*Fun English | Learn English by Studycat Limited This app covers all 4 language domains through fun games, stories and songs! New vocabulary is introduced in creative contexts to help students remember each meaning and is used in sentences to maximize their understanding. Lessons are divided into different categories that will allow your student to review different concepts and ideas.
*Learn English US for Beginners by Hector Gonzalez Linan teaches 500 vocabulary words in the areas of alphabet letters, numbers, colors, food, verbs, days of the week, animals, clothes, body parts, sports, and more.
2. Connect Bluebee to a Voice Recording:
*Voice Memos by Apple. Quickly and easily record vocabulary words for Bluebee to say and for students to practice repeating. Let your students record their words, sentences, or stories, too! Matching game: Record nouns for Bluebee and give students picture or word flashcards to choose the correct match for the word that was said. Use the recorder to have Bluebee give instructions or ask questions. Use the recorder to have students sequence or retell a story.
*My Story School eBook Maker by MY STORY, LLC. Create and share ebooks and movies using your own voice, drawings, stickers, and photos!
*Book Creator for iPad by Red Jumper Limited. Easily create your own books! Add music, narration, video, text! Share with family and friends.
3. Text-to-Speech: Interact in real time with your Bluebee Pal by typing in text for your Bluebee to speak! Ask and answer questions or carry-on a real life conversation! Make up your own stories or type in the text of books for your Bluebee Pal to read. Book discussions: Have Bluebee Read a book out loud. Then, using this app, type in questions for Bluebee to ask the students. Have Bluebee help practice vocabulary by typing in words or definitions, questions, or even tests for him to say aloud.
Talk For Me – Text to Speech by Darrin Altman

Good practices for teaching ELL students include:

*Provide explicit instruction
*Use teacher questioning and prompts that are consistent within the student’s stage(s) of language acquisition (see charts)
*Develop key vocabulary
*Utilize peer-to-peer interactions
*Provide lots of repetition
*Use multimedia and multiple modes of concept representation
*Engage in meaningful activities that allow learners to practice the academic language in authentic contexts.
*Use instructional methodologies that are active and focus on learning by doing and higher-level thinking processes
*Give time to process
*Use body language
*Check for comprehension
*Encourage collaboration with all teachers
*Engage parents

Sources and suggested websites:


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