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The Internationa Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is home to a passionate community of global educators who believe in the power of technology to transform teaching and learning, accelerate innovation and solve tough problems in education. ISTE inspires the creation of solutions and connections that improve opportunities for all learners by delivering: practical guidance, evidence-based professional learning, virtual networks, thought-provoking events and the ISTE Standards.




Tech Terra represented a variety of educational products including Bluebee Pals at the 2018 Chicago ISTE Show on June 27-30. This is Bluebee Pals third year participating with Tech Terra and were thrilled to part of the ever-growing technology based educational tools that motivate and engage children to learn. Teaching for mainstream and special needs is challenging in today’s increasing reliance on technology. Bluebee Pals create a more humanoid environment bringing to life app based curriculum on Ipads and Smart Boards for children 3-8. In April, Kayle Concepts launched their upgraded version of Bluebee Pals with more robotic interaction and introducing they’re own educational/life skills app. The New Bluebee Pal app was a big hit at the ISTE Show as educators were drawn to the exciting Bluebee House where children can immerse themselves in activities in five life skills’ rooms and play 9 educational mini-games. In addition, Bluebee Pals pair with all apps with a narrative providing endless education and entertainment for all mainstream and special needs children.


Susan S. Wells, an educator, innovator and pioneer in the field of digital learning, innovative learning spaces and Makerspace design and development, is the founder of TechTerra Education and its Camp TechTerra, TechTerra Training, TechTerra Tools, and the TechTerra curriculum. In addition to her TechTerra Education focus, Susan serves as a Technology Strategist with groups across the country and internationally, focused on STEM, innovation and technology in the K12 education setting. She is current past President of the International Society of Education and Technology (ISTE) Mobile Learning Network, and served as K12 Education Outreach Coordinator for Shodor, a National Resource for Computational Science Education. Susan is a seasoned international speaker and presenter, in person and via webinar.

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