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What is a Bluebee Pal?

The Bluebee Pal Pro 4.0 is an interactive plush learning tool that connects via Bluetooth to all iOS and Android devices and pairs with all apps with a narrative, which provides endless educational opportunities and entertainment for both mainstream and special needs children in early childhood classrooms. The patented technology allows Bluebee’s “mouth and head” to realistically move while teaching curriculum through educational games, activities, and apps.

Due to their endearing, universal appeal, Bluebee Pals and The Bluebee Pal Program, Bluebee app, Techie Rangers E-book and free Activity Guide are uniquely suited for use with early intervention and elementary-aged students. They are easy to incorporate into early childhood curriculum standards, and they capture and maintain student interest while making learning fun and memorable.

  • Bluebee is compatible with ALL apps with a narrative.
  • Bluebee inspires learning with educational apps.
  • Bluebee reads any storybook apps.
  • Bluebee is compatible with text-to-speech apps.
  • Bluebee comes with a FREE companion (life skills /educational) app.
  • Bluebee teaches language and AAC (alternative augmentative communication).
  • Bluebee sings with your favorite music apps.
  • Bluebee acts as an educational tool with voice recording apps.
  • With Bluebee, children become immediately more engaged and attentive, and eagerly look forward to focused learning opportunities!

What is the Bluebee Pal Program?

The Bluebee Pal Program is a free curriculum aligned with Common Core State Standards. The curriculum consists of lesson plans that have been created by a certified teacher who specializes in exceptional and early education. With these easy to use lesson plans, teachers are given step-by-step instructions on how to teach standards to their students while engaging with Bluebee Pals.

Our free curriculum use vetted applications and internet resources to teach:

  • Reading
  • Group Reading
  • Reading Non-Fiction
  • Science and Listening
  • Writing
  • Mathematics     
  • Phonics
  • Social Emotional Skills
  • Writing a Book Report
  • Writing Poetry
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Language Development
The lessons focus on PreK and Elementary Education Common Core State Standards in Literature, Informational Text, Foundational Skills, Language and Geometry. The lesson plans clearly outline needed supplies, links to applications and internet resources, teacher and student expectations, extension activities and differentiation for exceptional education.  
The Bluebee Pals Techie Rangers E-book (also available in paperback from Amazon) takes readers on an adventure with Andy and his Bluebee Pal Techie Ranger friends. Andy, a student with complex communication needs, uses an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device or “talker” to speak to the Techie Rangers as they help him return to the Rainbow School.
The accompanying free Activity Guide provides fun extension activities focused on literacy and math. Don’t forget to check out the Bluebee Pals Curriculum for a lesson plan made especially for the Bluebee Pals Techie Rangers E-Book and Activity Guide.
The free Bluebee Pal Learning App is a fully integrated life skills and cognitive development tool for children ages 3 to 8.
The app includes a Bluebee Pal House with 5 rooms targeting life skills, social/emotional skills and educational activities.

*The Bluebee Pals Curriculum, Bluebee Pal App, Bluebee Pals Techie Rangers E-Book and Activity Guide, app recommendations, numerous video tutorials, and extensive professional development resources are all available at

* Learn more how to implement Bluebee Pals in the classroom 
Bluebee Pals can be used 1-on-1, in small group or entire classroom settings.


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