Toca Kitchen is an app to help your child explore cooking in a fun and nonmessy environment! Does your child or student even want to play with their food? When you open the app, you choose one of out of four characters. Once you choose a character, you have the choice of selecting one of twelve different ingredients from the refrigerator. How will you prepare these ingredients? There are 180 different ways that you can prepare these foods! Explore the process of slicing, boiling, frying, cooking, microwaving and mixing all in one app. Is your child a vegetarian? You can even switch the mode to vegetarian.

This app is an excellent way. One of the best parts of the app is feeding the food to your customer. Will they like it or hate it? How can you tell? The app is also an excellent way to work on facial expressions and nonverbal communication. Toca Kitchen is also an excellent way to explore food groups, various actions, and sequencing. For more fun with Toca Boca and cooking, check out Toca Kitchen 2 app!


Let Bluebee in the kitchen for some fun cooking together!

  1. Connect your Bluebee Pal via Bluetooth. Let the fun begin!
  2. Bluebee Pal will now provide the music in the background as well as the sound effects of the various cooking preparations and the vocal expressions from the characters.
  3. Try role-playing with Bluebee Pal with pretend food. Use toys to imitate the various food preparations and let Bluebee join in on the cooking and tasting of the foods. Will Bluebee like the foods that are prepared? How can you tell? Although Bluebee can’t change their expression, use language to express their feelings on the food. Words such as “I like that” or “Yuck!” are good ways to tell if they like the food or not. A head nod can also be a sure sign of a good meal!

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