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There is a better solution to teaching our children with technology today, and it starts with Bluebee Pals, and our new app to pair with it.  DOWNLOAD FREE TODAY!

Our Mission

It’s not screen time that should concern parents but the quality of digital content. It’s imperative that parents are a participant not a bystander in their child’s life skills and education. Bluebee Pals Interactive educational plush tools are a great supplement to re-enforce academics learned at school to continue in home settings.

Laura Jiencke – CEO/Founder of Bluebee Pals


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6 features of the Bluebee Pal App

The Bluebee Pals Learning App is a fully integrated life skills and cognitive development tool for children ages 3 to 8.

Intro Video To Bluebee Pals

User Friendly Instructions on how to connect a Bluebee Pal.

10 Educational Mini Games

We created 10 educational games to inspire kids to learn while they are playing. Skills practiced include early academics, letters, colors, puzzles.

Bluebee Pal Mini Library

These are curated apps that come highly recommended by our app reviewers for use with Bluebee Pals.

What to do with Bluebee Pals

Parents and Educators recommendations of fun and educational ways to use Bluebee Pal.

5 Life Skills Rooms

The Bluebee five rooms  teach activities of daily living including bathing, brushing hair, brushing teeth, bedtime routines, various kitchen items including meals.

Parents/Educators Resource

App reviews and recommendations for parents, therapist, teachers, and educators.

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Whether you have just purchased a Bluebee Pal or would like to find a safe and educational app for your toddler, then look know further.

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