Let’s Expand Vocabulary
:  This is a wonderful app to use to target expressive language, vocabulary, categorization skills, thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, word retrieval, and wh questions!   There are 4 levels of play-Odd One Out, Matching Pairs, Categorization, and Add Another. All of these games are focused on working on categorization skills.


You can add 2 fun games to the mix and you have a winner! We love to work on vocabulary skills using our Bluebee Pals, to foster engagement and interactive play.  Our Bluebee Pal reads the category task aloud, and each student selects the appropriate answer.

Sound Salad: This app is a sound-association game designed to help your child attend to and discriminate various sounds we hear.  It supports auditory perception, memory, sequencing, and critical thinking skills.  From easy to more advanced listening tasks, this game enables students to listen for critical information. 



My students love it when we use it with our Bluebee Pals!  Our Bluebee Pal “says” the sound, and the students listen and respond by matching sounds to pictures.


Is That Silly? : This is a great app to use for practicing answering questions, logical thinking, expressive and receptive language, thought organization, listening for information, and recognizing absurdities.
The student is presented with a colorful picture scene and has to state whether the accompanying sentence describing the picture is Silly or Not Silly.  Then, the picture is presented again for the student to tell what is or is not silly about the picture. 


This is awesome for critical thinking and problem-solving skills, too!  Using a Bluebee Pal to read the silly sentence, the student then responds by giving the answer.  The interactivity with our Bluebee Pal makes the learning even more fun!


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