Yes -No Barn - Answering Yes No Questions

Yes / No Barn: Answering Yes No Questions by Smarty Ears-Yes/No Barn is a great app to help work on thinking and reasoning skills, and answering yes/no questions across a variety of contexts.  Featuring over 300 questions in a colorful, attractive barn scene format, the app focuses on 6 question types: Basic Questions, Look and Answer, Fact-Based Questions, Variable Answers, Comparing Pictures, and Questions About a Scene.  


You can track data across multiple users and question types. I love the simple, clean interface and my students love answering the questions when we connect to our Bluebee Pals! I love to set up our  Bluebee Pals at my table as the “teacher “ while students sharpen listening and language skills. This app is also fun to use to work on recognizing absurdities, problem-solving, and generates lots of conversational interactions!  Bluebee Pals really foster active engagement!



Funny Directions by Speecharoo AppsFunny Directions

Many of my students have difficulty with listening, comprehending, and following directions! This is a basic skill needed for academic and life-long success.  We use this app in speech therapy to work on these skills, and of course, our Bluebee Pals help us out by giving students the directives to follow!



Funny Directions provides 4 familiar environments/picture scenes, for interactive fun while working on listening and comprehension skills: Beach, Bedroom, Park, and Classroom. There are three difficulty levels on which to build listening skills. Children enjoy investigating colorful objects in each scene and talking about the funny directions they are given!


Animal Math Games for Kids in Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade Learning Numbers, Counting, Addition and Subtraction Premium by Eggroll Games LLC

Math Games, from Eggroll Games, offers fun math practice with correlation to kindergarten common core objectives ( they also offer similar apps for preschool, first and second-grade math skills- just pick your desired app for your child’s level). Featuring a farm setting, children have fun, colorful practice in building and maintaining math fluency skills. Activities include counting, number recognition, addition and subtraction up to 5, categories, and geometry. Students will count to 100, recognize shapes, compare numbers, and answer “how many”questions. My students and parents really enjoy the variety of math skills targeted. Graphics are colorful and the narration is excellent!



Word Wizard is a phonics-based spelling app that allows the user to build and practice words and hear them pronounced in English. It features a moveable alphabet where the user drags letters to a board to build words.
There are two ways to play:
Moveable Alphabet: This is an area of free play where the user can play with the alphabet letters and spell any desired word to hear it spoken. Tap on a letter to hear it’s sound. Drag letters to the spelling board to make words. Separate the letters in a word to hear the individual sounds in a word, then put them together to hear the whole word. Since this is a phonics based program, when the letters sh, th, ch are put together, the correct pronunciation for the diagraphs is spoken.

Spelling Quizzes: Included in the app are built-in spelling quizzes to practice CVC words, Dolch words, 1000 most frequently used words, numbers, colors, animals, body, clothes, family members, food, sports, nature, and shapes. While in this level, the user can click on an icon to hear the targeted word repeated, and can tap on a question mark icon to receive a spelling hint. Additionally, the user can easily customize his/her own words lists! Practice your own spelling words! The app will track progress by providing the number of words spelled with and without hints.


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