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New York, NY (November 28, 2016) – “Parents and children were positively over the moon with excitement and praise for this unique interactive plush toy,” begins the rave review by The National Parenting Center which just revealed its 2016 Holiday Seal Of Approval winners. The cuddly animals, known as Bluebee Pals ($64.99), are actually revolutionary plush learning tools. They wowed the meticulous consumer testers, both young and adult, over a 2-month testing session.

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“To begin,” the appraisal continues, “the toy itself is really plush and cozy to cuddle up with. The detail and construction are top notch. Of course Bluebee is much more than a stuffed animal, it is designed to work together with your iPad to entertain and educate.”

The plush animals — zebra, puppy, lion, bear and lamb — “talk” to their young caregivers via a built-in Bluetooth connection. The reaction from children, grownups, teachers and therapists are astonishing!

“Pairing the device is quite easy and worked immediately numerous times. Once you’re connected, then the real fun begins. Every tester started by playing music, and jaws dropped once the first song was played and the character’s mouth began to move in sync with the music.”

“Music is just the tip of the iceberg. There is also story telling, and when connected to an iPhone it can even make calls! Testers were so excited to discover all the ways that they could play. Several testers told us that the age range might be too limited (ages 3 to 8) as they found that their older children were just as entranced with Bluebee Pals as their younger siblings.”

Bluebee Pals • Ages 3+ • $64.99
The National Parenting Center 2016 Holiday Seal of Approval
Each soft animal moves it’s mouth as it talks, sings and reads to a child. The magic is actually a connection to any Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet or laptop from Apple to Android. Prop up a laptop, tablet or smartphone onto their furry laps and tuck into their plush arms. An added bonus is that each talking plush can be used as a hands-free telephone with built-in speaker and microphone! A rechargeable battery with USB Micro-charge cable is included with every purchase.

Browse the Bluebee Pals website for tips on homeschooling, lesson plans and links to videos. Be sure to sign up for their informative newsletter at http://www.BluebeePals.com.

With over 25 years of marketing, sales and operations expertise, Laura Jiencke, president of Kayle
Concepts, was noticing a trend. Instead of daydreaming with a stuffed animal, a child’s playtime was being replaced by tech toys, tablets, smart phones and learning devices. Could the notion of inseparable, cuddly plush already be an obsolete concept? She dreamed of combining traditional plush toys with state-of-the-art technology that could utilize online digital content. Then kids would be entertained while developing lifelong learning skills. In 2014, Bluebee Pals was launched using Bluetooth® technology. The plush animals with the moving mouths have been refreshed in time for Holiday 2016 giving. Discover the interactive talking pals at http://www.bluebeepals.com.

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