Leo The Lion – Talking Educational Learning Tool

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NEW 4.0 Leo The Lion is our huggable plush INTERACTIVE learning tool with FREE Life Skills /Educational App that connects to all IOS and Android Devices. Our patented technology allows Bluebee's mouth and head to move while reading stories, teaching through educational games, learning a language and singing songs.

Bluetooth Enabled Talking Plush Learning Tool

  • 4.0 Bluebee Pal Pro is a Talking Plush Educational Learning tool for Ages Pre K-3.
  • Free Companion App: Video Instructions & Bluebee Life Skills & Mini Games House.
  • Compatible with All Apps: Educational, Storybook, Music, Youtube & Speech Therapy (including AAC).
  • Voice-activated command switch: On/Off, Connect Devices & Remind to Charge.
  • 4-hour Rechargeable Battery with USB Micro-Charger Cable Included (Adapter not included).
 Winner of Awards: Pal Award, Mom’s Choice, National Parenting Publications, Parents Choice, Creative Child Award, Academic Choice & Tillywig.
Compatible with all Music, Story Books, and Educational Apps

Additional information

Weight4.0 lbs
Dimensions9 × 10 × 16 in

10 reviews for Leo The Lion – Talking Educational Learning Tool

  1. gj143mc (verified owner)

    My almost 5-year old daughter loves her Leo the Lion Bluebee pal. It is cute, soft, and snuggly, it is a great stuffed animal even without the added interactive features. I have to admit that when it comes to setting up anything electronic, I usually delegate the task to my husband, but this one was so easy that I was able to do it myself. Bluebee Pals company has an easy to follow YouTube video that explains how to set it up. There are many videos on YouTube that explain how to use it as well. Once set up, the app has many educational games and activities for young children. My daughter especially loved recording her voice and listening to her pal repeat it back to her. It is basically a speaker inside the lion that plays anything that you play on your phone or tablet. You can also use it to pick up phone calls, which is another feature that my daughter really enjoys, as the lion moves it’s mouth as it plays the phone call. Overall, I recommend this for young children, and adults alike. My husband and I have a blast playing with this toy as well.

  2. pureCheri (verified owner)

    Our Bluebee Pal came nicely in it's box. Leo the Lion is the one I selected for my kids to interact with. I downloaded the app which was super easy. Read the instructions and watched the video to turn on the Bluebee Pal. Everything connected through bluetooth with no issues. We first started to look at the in app games. My kids liked the recording voice feature. My 5 year old son can navigate all by himself through the app without any issues. He was even teaching our 3 year old daughter how to do the games. We then moved on after experimenting with the app games to playing my music playlist with the Lion. It played great and the mouth and head of Leo moved while the song played. Most of the time the mouth was spot on to the lyrics! I like how soft the Lion is too, it is also a nice size. Our family loves music so we can definitely see ourself just using it for that feature alone. I'm also aware that it can receive calls but have yet to test that feature. We joked how funny it would be to talk to the Lion and have someone else seeing you do son not realizing you are talking through a call.The kids have asked multiple times to play with the Lion since getting it and testing it out. Currently my 5 year old likes the app games and my 3 year old just likes the Lion itself. So combining the two interests makes for some fun to be had!

  3. 143lakers (verified owner)

    My 3 year old was soo excited when he heard his lion talk!! He loved it ! It was easy to install the app!! He played with it for a while until I took it from him! It was cute as. I love that it’s educational!

  4. Chris (verified owner)

    I have Leo the Lion. He's basically a bluetooth speaker. The BluebeePals, Pro app provides a few screen games/puzzles for your child. And a 10 second voice recorder. If you are doing screen things, you aren't watching his mouth and neck move. And that's adorable. It is the opening into what I got out of Leo. If you download storytelling and singing apps, that's the real enjoyment. His voice is the same as the source. No distortion. I had a lot of fun playing voice recordings of the kids from my smartphone. And they loved listening to themselves. The options are endless. I even played my videos of them, and with that audio, they'd guess what video it was. They are almost 4 and 7 years old. On my voice recorder, I read them a story. Fun! Some good apps are a few dollars.

  5. agremmels (verified owner)

    A pretty easy toy to set up and has held the attention of my almost 2 and almost 4 year old. You can use it for different activities online. I have a feeling the appeal will fade since it's not "recognizable" characters that my kids are used to so far (Disney, curious George, etc.) But for now it's entertaining.

  6. Sharon B (verified owner)

    We love our Lion! We love our Bluebee Lion! My son has a speech delay, and he loved how he talks and moves to songs, readalongs, and anything on our tablet or phone. My husband and I even loved listening watch sing our favorite songs! Totally love having him help our son out!

  7. Batmom (verified owner)

    Great for kids!! This is such a cool product! We got Leo the Lion and I love that my kids can listen to music, read stories, and play games along with him. I didn't realize that this even had Bluetooth calling capabilities which is great because my husband travels for work and he can talk to our kids through Leo. This makes educational games even more fun when interacting through Leo. It was easy to set up and connect it to Bluetooth.

  8. tarakhardin (verified owner)

    Plush toy seems good quality, but has no function without a synced device. Volume is adjustable via device, and it is a cute toy, but was hoping for a interactive toy that did not require using a tablet at the same time. It is fairly large and too heavy to use only as plush. Charging was easy. Instructions do not come with product, but you are referred online to the website for guidance and setup. It was easy to pair to my phone, and worked as advised once synced.

  9. Eve Santos (verified owner)

    Amazing product! Amazing interactive device for children and adults that is incredibly easy to use and set up. The website explains the set up process in less than two minutes and you do not need to download the app to use this device. I chose the Lion which my kids loved and when they are not using the Device to read or sing to them I am. All that is required is charging and a Bluetooth device. I had the Lion Bluebee pal set up with 5 minutes and have used it everyday. I High recommend this gorgeous plush interactive device.

  10. spiffycg (verified owner)

    Snuggly and Kid-friendly Wireless Bluetooth Speaker! This toy is superb to encourage children to read or learn, but also as a wireless kid-friendly bluetooth speaker. I have a 24 mo and a 4 yo. Both of them were immediately transfixed with this soft, sweet, snuggly sweetie. They were elated when it sang their favorite songs (just being used as a speaker connected to my husband's phone) and my 4 yo played with the free Bluebee app by itself! He loved it! It is suggested for ages 3+ (2yo loves it but is more effective for older child). Got it out of the box and immediately and easily connected it via bluetooth to my husband's phone, no issues. It also connected to my tablet and any other device we tried it on (make sure you unpair it before trying to pair it with another device). No problems with connectivity. Super easy. If you don't understand how to connect via bluetooth, it even gives you step-by-step instructions on their free app. First, we used it as a really cute speaker to play music for our kids. They LOVED IT! The toy is so realistic and the kids were enchanted! He moves his mouth with the sound, even slightly moves his head. It is very believable. Even I was thrilled with the quality. My parents were blown away. Next we tried it with the Bluebee app (free to download). It worked fine but my 4yo was happy to just play with the app, without syncing it to the Bluebee Pal. My 2yo snuggled with it happily. It is so soft and cozy that it's easy to use it as a regular stuffed animal! I was excited that it was so snuggly. We also tried syncing it to a storytelling app (the toy comes with an instructional booklet with some suggestions of apps you can try it with which I found helpful) and my kids were tickled when the Bluebee Pal read a story to them! It really encouraged them to engage in the activity. I was excited. We've had it for a week and haven't had to even charge it, though it came with the proper cords and it is very easy to see how to charge it. Both my kids still enjoy both snuggling with their Bluebee Pal as well as listening to their favorite music sung by him. Any time they get screen time they want to sync up their favorite apps with their Pal, though sometimes it just gets in the way for my 4yo. The sound quality is perfect. You can even take phone calls through your Pal, which is a real kick for the kiddos. The back has a simple velcro-ed pocket which holds the little electronic box (on/off, recharge). Both my kids were eager to open the back and play with the box, which was a drawback. Would highly suggest to anyone with a child that loves to listen to books, music, etc. It's a very kid-friendly bluetooth speaker.

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