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Lily The Lamb – Talking Educational Learning Tool

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NEW 4.0 Lily The Lamb is our huggable plush INTERACTIVE learning tool with FREE Life Skills /Educational App that connects to all iOS and Android Devices. Our patented technology allows Bluebee’s mouth and head to move while reading stories, teaching through educational games, learning a language and singing songs.



Product Description

2018 Parents' Picks Winner - Bluebee PalsBluetooth Enabled Talking Plush Learning Tool
  • 4.0 Bluebee Pal Pro is a Talking Plush Educational Learning tool for Ages Pre K-3.
  • Free Companion App: Video Instructions & Bluebee Life Skills & Mini Games House.
  • Compatible with All Apps: Educational, Storybook, Music, Youtube & Speech Therapy (including AAC).
  • Voice-activated command switch: On/Off, Connect Devices & Remind to Charge.
  • 4-hour Rechargeable Battery with USB Micro-Charger Cable Included (Adapter not included).
Winner of Awards: Pal Award, Mom’s Choice, National Parenting Publications, Parents Choice, Creative Child Award, Academic Choice & Tillywig.

Additional information

Weight 4.0 lbs
Dimensions 9.0 × 7.0 × 13.0 in

8 reviews for Lily The Lamb – Talking Educational Learning Tool

  1. jbtx713 (verified owner)

    Very cute! My daughter loved this Bluebee pal. She liked that it moved it's mouth to the talk and moved it's head. She liked that it interacted and wasn't just sitting there. She really enjoyed it. I am finding that after using it once, I can't get it to connect to my bluetooth on my phone. I'm not sure what is going on with that, but I disconnected and reset my phone and turned off the bluetooth on the Bluebee pal. Also, my phone doesn't connect and answer calls on it either. I have a Samsung, so I'm not sure if that wasn't available for my OS. Overall, it is a nice product to have for my daughter. It also doesn't feel hard or is heavy. My daughter squeezed it and felt the device but it didn't bother her that she didn't want to hug it anymore. I would definitely recommend if anybody wants to have a "pal" for their kid when they are playing with their apps. I received their item for free to sample and review for my honest feedback.

  2. SMSG10 (verified owner)

    Interactive and educational! My kids (5 and 3) love this toy. My 5 year old is more adept at using it with the app on my phone; my 3 year old just snuggles with it! The app isn’t perfect, needs some work – it sometimes freezes or won’t transition to the next page. It also has a “phone” button on its ear and it calls my husband when the button is pressed and I have no idea how to make it stop! It’s quite heavy and can only spot clean, so I wish I hadn’t gotten the white one.

  3. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Novelty Bluetooth Speaker! I have mixed feeling about the Bluebee Pal. Right out of the box it was easy to pair to my daunter’s Amazon Fire 7 tablet, and later to my iPad and my husband’s old iPhone 5. Upon syncing the Bluebee lets you know the pairing was successful, so there’s no need to be an expert at electronics to use it. It will only sync with one device at a time so you don’t need to worry about it trying to “speak” for two different devices at once. Unfortunately the Bluebee Pals app is on available on the Amazon App Store, which hopefully will be added at some point. I did get the app on our Apple devices, but neither of my kids (two and four) were really interested in it. I played around on it a bit, and while the games were fun they weren’t great. Luckily the Bluebee works with literally any app that has someone speaking or singing. My kids have a library of narrated books on their tablets and they enjoyed seeing the Bluebee “read” to them. It even works with YouTube, so my daughter enjoyed watching it sing along to her favorite music videos. I could not, however, find any way to adjust the volume. The main advertising focus for the Bluebee seems to be that it speaks, reads, and sings, which is true. It does. The mouth moves along any time there is sound being played, even if that sound is not human speech. This lead to a few confused looks from my two year old and giggles from my four year old son. The mouth seems to always move in the same pattern at the same speed, so it doesn’t always sync well with what it is putting out. This really leads to my biggest disappointment with the Bluebee Pal. It is a Bluetooth speaker with a motorized mouth. It’s a good idea, but it falls short. It isn’t necessarily a bad product, but in the end it’s a Bluetooth speaker in a stuffed animal. My kids seem to like the novelty of their stuffed animal “talking” to them, but I can already see that wearing off. They would rather play their apps or look at the pictures in their ebooks than watch their Bluebee.

  4. Rcookingmommy (verified owner)

    Not interested This seemed like it would be really fun but my daughter was very creeped out by it and only used it a few times. It may have just been her reaction so I can't say how other children would like it or not. If you are using it with your own apps (like we tried with the phone and Kindle) it basically just acts a speaker that moves. I can see how children with disabilities may find more use with this type of toy for sure. It just wasn't very interesting to my little one and she would ask over and over if it was turned off. I think she was scared it would start talking again!

  5. NurseyKJ (verified owner)

    Concept is good, product is cute but I’m not sure how practical the stuffed animal is. My kids thought it was cute but I don’t see their interest lasting. I could see a child breaking the face by playing with the part that moves as it ‘talks’. The stuffed animal is also pretty heavy so wouldn’t be the easiest thing for a small child to carry around. Would be nice if the on/off button in the back had some kind of marking to indicate whether it’s switched to on or off.

  6. Devonrita (verified owner)

    This product is super soft! The first thing my daughter did was give it a big hug. It’s a great idea to make any app interactive. Only negative is that it moves its mouth with any sound…so it is not that great at singing with instrumentals. But it’s a lot of fun to record your own song and have this sweet stuffed animal sing it in your own voice. My kids love it! Easy to use, all you have to do with connect it with Bluetooth to any device.

  7. So fun! (verified owner)

    This is actually really cool!! My daughter loved the app, but more so loves listening to her favorite music while the animal “sings” to her. She has so much fun with it! The mouth does make a noise when it moves, so that is a little annoying but my daughter doesn’t seem to notice.

  8. Megan (verified owner)

    This is adorable!! We are having fun trying apps and playing music with the lamb. So cute. Only downside is it seems the head is heavy so we are having to lean it against something if we are using a phone vs. a tablet that you can stand in the animal's lap. The speaker sound is really good too!

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