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The goal of all educators should be to prepare all 21st Century students for a global society through the practice and mastery of the Four Cs- Communication, Creativity and innovation, Collaboration, Critical thinking and problem solving. Over the last ten years the National Education Association interviewed all kinds of leaders and found agreement on the need to build the “Four C’s” into K12 education for all learners. Although many educators are challenged to bridge the gap between the Four C’s and the common core standards we know that focus on these 21st Century skills help all children. Research shows that students with higher needs struggle to exhibit the “Four Cs” effectively.

Bluebee Lesson Plans

math geometry



Reading Fiction


Fiction Retell Lesson

Fiction Group Retell Lesson


Group Fiction Retell Lesson

Fiction Group Retell Lesson


Group Fiction Retell Lesson

Reading - Nonfiction Key Ideas


Nonfiction Key ideas

Reading - Nonfiction Key Ideas


Nonfiction Key ideas

science speaking listening


Speaking & Listening

Writing - Story writing


Story Writing


“As a specialist in providing non-verbal students with alternative and augmentative communication (AAC), I am always looking for ways to teach students to use voice output apps to communicate and learn language. Bluebee is a unique tool for this purpose and a great friend as well!  Students love to watch Bluebee’s mouth move as he speaks. They soon begin to press buttons themselves to watch him talk.  Bluebee is a wonderful way to introduce and model the use of a communication app. I consider him to be an important educational tool that provides a bridge between learning and fun.”

– Barbara Cannon, M.Ed-Assistive Technology Specialist-Spotsylvania County (Virginia) Schools

“A good friend of mine has a daughter with Rett Syndrome. She bought her a Bluebee and her daughter LOVED IT!! Being a special education teacher, I was excited to have something new for my students.  My students are non-verbal and love the I-Pad and Interactive Board in the classroom.  It is so easy to set up Bluebee with different types of technology. My kids are partial to and  They focus and attend more having the plush animal mouthing stories and singing songs!”

– Theresa Bennett, M.Ed-Special Education Teacher

“I took the puppy into a preschool special education classroom for children with complex needs and they loved it.  In another classroom, my teacher paired it with her computer which was projecting onto the smart board. She did a reading lesson and gave each student a book to follow along with on the smartboard and the lion “read” the story.  They were so engaged! It was awesome. My co-worker did a presentation to district curriculum directors for many large school districts and used the Bluebee as part of her presentation. “

– Laura Kirdahy, Special Education – SLP/ Assistive Technology Specialist- Penncrest School District

“We just started working with Bluebee in our classroom and the students instantly responded positively. I have several students in my class that use an AAC device to speak. When introducing the Bluebee, I explained that he also needed a device to speak, just like many of us. The kids started to explore different ways to interact with our Bluebee dog, having him read stories, talk with them one on one and even singing Adele! We could not be more excited to have Bluebee as a apart of our classroom. As a teacher of students with ASD, I am excited to discover new ways to incorporate this wonderful resource to help with all aspects of academics and building confidence with social skills.”

– Jessica Carter – ESE Classroom Teacher 3rd-5th Grade-Princeton House Charter School

“I was amazed the first time I used Bluebee to read a story. Every student immediately focused on Bluebee and the book immediately … something we have been working on all year! Instead of my students seeing reading activities as non-preferred “work”, Bluebee makes it a more positive and play-like experience.”

– Laura Wiliams, ESE Classroom Teacher 2nd-3rd Grade-Princeton House Charter School

Jessie Baker School

Lesson in Assistive Technology

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Princeton House Charter School is a public non-profit charter school in Orlando

Princeton House Charter School

Lesson in Assistive Technology

Children with Autism

My Sammy The Bear Testimonial

“My daughter has Autism and sensory processing disorder and being in new places makes her have meltdowns and sensory overload. We travelled to North Carolina to visit family. I could sense she was uncomfortable. She ran over,grabbed Sammy, crawled into bed and cuddled with her. No meltdown or anything. Just a calm,happy little girl and her bear. This bear has been a godsend for our family. It’s so cool to see the bear read stories to her and make her laugh that Sammy “knows” her favorite movies. Such a wonderful addition to our family. We love our Sammy!”

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