As a mom, I have seen many first moments in the lives of my children. First smile, first words, walking for the first time. Today, I saw another one of those moments. My son has special needs and is currently attending a summer school program in my town. He has had such a terrible time transitioning to summer school – with tears, crying and being upset many days when we get ready to go to school. We have been so lucky to test out Bluebee Pals and have started bringing him in the car with us on our way to summer school. My son adores Hudson and enjoys reading and playing with him both on and off the iPad.

Today, my son brought Sammy the Bear to school in the car. Sammy was singing Sweet Caroline in the car on the way to school. When we pulled up and got out of the car, we saw his friends. One friend had been having such a hard time going into the school and putting on his shoes. We were lucky enough to be able to give him Hudson Puppy yesterday afternoon. Today, for the first time in four weeks – both my son and this little boy went into the school without tears. His mom told me that he hasn’t put Hudson down since he got him. She said they were working on first do this, then you will get Hudson the Puppy.

As a mom of a special needs child, my heart aches whenever I see kids struggle and it was just so heartwarming to see both my son and this little boy go into the school happily and ready to learn.

That’s what parenting is all about – it’s about the small joys and moments that children can bring. Today, when the kids finished up with summer school my son and this little boy came out beaming and happy. My son told me what a “great day” he had and could transition successfully without tears. Again, I call that a huge win. Seeing the smile on a child’s face who has struggled makes it all worth it!


Bluebee Pals Plush Tech Educational Learning Tool

My sons connect with stuffed animals – they love talking to them, reading, singing and playing. To them, Bluebee Pals isn’t just a tech enabled toy – they have become a friend. Helping our kids grow for the future and be successful is what we as parents can only hope for.



By Carol B

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