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As a mom, I’m conscious of my kids time on their tablets or devices.  I think about #screentime and try to make sure we have a good balance of both device time and outside play.  We have even figured out ways to use our tech toys beyond the typical games and use them for education, role play and fun.
Ideas to Enjoy Bluebee Pals Beyond the Screen!

1) Have a tea party with your favorite Bluebee Pal – now that they are weighted you can even place them in a chair and they will sit.
2) Have your child pretend to deliver mail to various people including your Bluebee Pal.  They can use a catalog or make their own mail for delivery. Have them describe who they are delivering the mail to, counting, and colors
3) Bluebee Pals make great friends talk to.  Encourage your child to sit and read with your Bluebee Pal turned off.  This time of year especially we enjoy sitting and reading books at night.  I encourage my son to help turn pages, count and he loves snuggling with Parker.
4) Play dress up.  Dress up your Bluebee Pal in your favorite costume, shirt or clothing that your child may be wearing or have outgrown.  My son loves fitting Bluebee into sweaters (3T or larger) works best.
5) Hide and seek – hide your child’s toys around the house.  Have them play hide and seek to find them.  When my son finds an object I have him tell me what it is, what color is it and place it in a basket.  This is a great game for babies, toddlers and preschoolers and can be modified based on age.
6) Play musical chairs stuffed animal style – turn on some music and pair your Bluebee and then move around the stuffed animals until the music stops.  
7) Play freeze dance – this is a great activity that can be done both inside and out and is a great way to get energy out.  Kids dance to their Bluebee Pal with music and when the music stops they freeze!
8) Make an obstacle course for those chilly or snowy days when you can’t spend much time outside.  Use couch cushions to make pillows, stomp your feet, clap your hands.  Get your Bluebee involved too!
9)  Cleaning up toys – my kids hate to clean up their toys after they play.  We make it a game complete with music (the Cleanup song) and baskets to put the items in.  We set a timer for 30 seconds and see who can clean up the most toys. 

I hope these tips are helpful to you in thinking about ways to get kids active, having fun and playing all at the same time.  Adding in Bluebee gives it that fun extra reward!

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